The 2018 season was an extremely active season, containing a total of 6 category 5s. Oddly enough, the most devastating storm of the seasons was Hurricane Pheonix. Which wasn't a category 5. I hope you enjoy this season as much as I enjoyed creating


Q's incredible strength

Hurricane Annabelle

Category 4 hurricane
Annabelle Hurricane Annabelle
DurationMay 10 – May 17
Peak intensity145 mph (230 km/h) (1-min)  945 mbar (hPa)

 Hurricane Annabelle was a devastating hurricane that impacted Florida in Late May 2018. Annabelle is known for being the strongest May hurricane on record. On May 10th, a tropical depression formed south of Haiti and became Tropical Storm Annabelle, 12 hours later. Annabelle was predicted to rapidly intensify near Mexico. Despite the system being very unorganized, it strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane. Annabelle then gained organization and power, strengthening into a Category 2 and brushing the top of Belize. Annabelle then moved into the Gulf, where she began to rapidly intensify. She slowed down over warmer waters, and then explosively intensified into a Category 4 hurricane unpredictably. The whole state of Florida went under a State of Emergency despite the systems lack of Size, and the lack of a well defined eye. Annabelle then hit Florida at strong category 3 intensity, being the most intense US landfall in May. The system then weakened rapidly, and moved over open waters, where it developed annular characteristics and grew a 40 mile wide eye, intensifying into a Category 2 over the open Atlantic, eventually slamming into Bermuda. After the Direct Hit from Bermuda, the system began to weaken over much cooler waters. Its sheer power remained, and it traveled farther northward then any other May cyclone.  

Annabelle caused over 3 billion dollars in damage to Florida. As well as 100 million in damage to Belize, and 500 million dollars in damage to Bermuda. 3.6 billion dollars was the damage total at the end of it all. 57 deaths has happened in the United States, and 4 deaths in Bermuda. Due to the insane damage totals, Annabelle was retired, and replaced with AliceAnn for the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season. 

Hurricane Brutus

Category 2 hurricane
Hurricane Brutus Disturbed
DurationMay 19 – May 24
Peak intensity100 mph (155 km/h) (1-min)  978 mbar (hPa)

Brutus was a rare instance that two May hurricanes happened in one year. Brutus began its life east of Puerto Rico. Brutus became a tropical storm, and was forecast to continue moving on and eventually strike Mexico as a powerful hurricane, but unexpectedly, Brutus made a very sharp turn northward. Brutus was already a hurricane, and intensified to 100 mph. Then Brutus slammed the Dominican Republic, and caused over 100 million dollars in damage. Brutus then had a very small eye as it weakened and moved north, gaining its peak intensity with a pressure of 978 and winds of 90 mph. Brutus was a generally large system, so he caused moderate flooding in North Carolina when his remnants hit.