2020 North Indian Ocean cyclone season (Olo72)
2020n8 North Indian Ocean cyclone season summary
season summary map
Seasonal boundaries
First system formedMay 7, 2020
Last system dissipatedDecember 24, 2020
Strongest storm
 • Maximum winds250 km/h (155 mph)
 • Lowest pressure920 hPa (mbar)
Seasonal statistics
Deep depressions17
Cyclonic storms8
Severe cyclonic storms6
Very severe cyclonic storms5
Super cyclonic storms2
Total fatalitiesUnknown
Total damageUnknown
North Indian Ocean tropical cyclone seasons

The 2020 North Indian Ocean Cyclone Season was a hyperactive and catastrofic season in the annual cycle of tropical cyclone formation. This season produced eight named storms, of which five intensified into a very severe cyclonic storm. The North Indian Ocean cyclone season has no official bounds, but cyclones tend to form between April and December, with the two peaks in May and November. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the northern Indian Ocean. The season began with the formation of the deep depression BOB 01 on May 3, and ended in November 29 with the dissipation of Khai-Muk

The scope of this article is limited to the Indian Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere, east of the Horn of Africa and west of the Malay Peninsula. There are two main seas in the North Indian Ocean — the Arabian Sea to the west of the Indian subcontinent, abbreviated ARB by the India Meteorological Department (IMD); and the Bay of Bengal to the east, abbreviated BOB by the IMD. The official Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre in this basin is the IMD, while the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) releases unofficial advisories. On average, three to four cyclonic storms form in this basin every season.


Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale


Deep Depression BOB 01

Deep depression (IMD)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Guru 2010-10-22 0655Z NIOS1
DurationMay 3 – May 11
Peak intensity55 km/h (35 mph) (3-min)  992 hPa (mbar)

Deep Depression BOB 02

Depression (IMD)
Tropical depression (SSHWS)
755px-BOB 01 2016-05-15 0830Z NIOS2
DurationMay 13 – May 19
Peak intensity35 km/h (25 mph) (3-min)  1004 hPa (mbar)

Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Ogni

Very severe cyclonic storm (IMD)
Category 2 tropical cyclone (SSHWS)
ARBgg 02 2018-05-16 0930Z NIOS3
DurationMay 25 – June 4
Peak intensity150 km/h (90 mph) (3-min)  960 hPa (mbar)

Deep Depression ARB 01

Deep depression (IMD)
Tropical depression (SSHWS)
DurationJune 16 – June 19
Peak intensity55 km/h (35 mph) (3-min)  995 hPa (mbar)

Deep Depression BOB 03

Deep depression (IMD)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
BOB01 2018-05-29 0745Z NIOS5
DurationJune 16 – June 19
Peak intensity55 km/h (35 mph) (3-min)  985 hPa (mbar)

Severe Cyclonic Storm Akash

Severe cyclonic storm (IMD)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Bob1394 NIOS6
DurationJune 24 – June 30
Peak intensity95 km/h (60 mph) (3-min)  970 hPa (mbar)

Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Gonu

Extremely severe cyclonic storm (IMD)
Category 4 tropical cyclone (SSHWS)
Willainarabia NIOS7
DurationJuly 2 – July 12
Peak intensity215 km/h (130 mph) (3-min)  937 hPa (mbar)

Deep Depression BOB 04

Depression (IMD)
Tropical depression (SSHWS)
Depression BOB 03 - July 30 2013 NIOS8
DurationJuly 14 – July 15
Peak intensity45 km/h (30 mph) (3-min)  994 hPa (mbar)

Deep Depression BOB 05

Deep depression (IMD)
Tropical depression (SSHWS)
BOB 03 2018-07-21 0800Z NIOS9
DurationJuly 21 – July 23
Peak intensity55 km/h (35 mph) (3-min)  989 hPa (mbar)

Depression BOB 06

Depression (IMD)
Tropical depression (SSHWS)
Bob02 2014 NIOS10
DurationAugust 27 – August 30
Peak intensity35 km/h (25 mph) (3-min)  999 hPa (mbar)

Deep Depression BOB 07

Deep depression (IMD)
Tropical depression (SSHWS)
BOB 06 2018-09-06 0735Z NIOS11
DurationSeptember 4 – September 6
Peak intensity55 km/h (35 mph) (3-min)  993 hPa (mbar)

Cyclonic Storm Yemyin

Cyclonic storm (IMD)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
One 2016-05-19 0505Z NIOS12
DurationSeptember 11 – September 17
Peak intensity65 km/h (40 mph) (3-min)  978 hPa (mbar)

Super Cyclonic Storm Sidr

Super cyclonic storm (IMD)
Category 4 tropical cyclone (SSHWS)
Titli22 NIOS13
DurationSeptember 26 – October 23
Peak intensity250 km/h (155 mph) (3-min)  920 hPa (mbar)

Deep Depression ARB 02

Deep depression (IMD)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Deep Depression ARB 04 on 29 Nov near Peak Intensity NIOS14
DurationSeptember 28 – October 3
Peak intensity55 km/h (35 mph) (3-min)  985 hPa (mbar)

Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Nargis

Extremely severe cyclonic storm (IMD)
Category 3 tropical cyclone (SSHWS)
Ujiracyclone2 NIOS15
DurationOctober 30 – November 8
Peak intensity165 km/h (105 mph) (3-min)  952 hPa (mbar)

Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Rashmi

Very severe cyclonic storm (IMD)
Category 2 tropical cyclone (SSHWS)
Hurricane Sergio 15 nov 2006 1othersize725Z NIOS16
DurationNovember 10 – November 15
Peak intensity155 km/h (100 mph) (3-min)  998 hPa (mbar)

Severe Cyclonic Storm Khai-Muk

Severe cyclonic storm (IMD)
Category 1 tropical cyclone (SSHWS)
Bob 150 NIOS17
DurationNovember 22 – November 29
Peak intensity110 km/h (70 mph) (3-min)  998 hPa (mbar)

Storm names

Within this basin, a tropical cyclone is assigned a name when it is judged to have reached Cyclonic Storm intensity, with winds of 65 km/h (40 mph). The names were selected by members of the ESCAP/WMO panel on Tropical Cyclones between 2000 and May 2004, before the nal Specialized Meteorological Center in New Delhi started to assign names in September 2004. There is no retirement of tropical cyclone names in this basin, as the list of names is only scheduled to be used once before a new list of names is drawn up. Should a named tropical cyclone move into the basin from the Western Pacific, then it will retain its original name. The next nine available names from the List of North Indian Ocean storm names are below.

  • Ogni
  • Akash
  • Gonu
  • Yemyin
  • Sidr
  • Nargis
  • Rashmi
  • Khai-Muk
  • Nisha (unused)
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