2020 Olaris hurricane season
Seasonal boundaries
First system formedJanuary 18
Last system dissipatedSeason ongoing
Strongest storm
Maximum winds85 mph (135 km/h)
Minimum pressure982 mbar (29 inHg)
Seasonal statistics
Total depressions1
Total storms1
Total hurricanes1
Total majors0
Total fatalitiesTBD
Total damageTBD

The 2020 Olaris hurricane season is expected to be active due to a positive oceanic warm phase in the northern hemisphere. Hurricane season runs year-round, although most of the activity usually happens between the months of May and December.

Seasonal Forecasts

Predictions of tropical cyclone activity in the 2020 Olaris Northern Hemisphere season
Source Date Named
Hurricanes Major
Average (1997-2019) 20.3 11.2 7.3
Record high activity 41 27 18
Record low activity 10 5 2
HTMC December 14, 2019 26-33 15-21 9-14
MWHA December 21, 2019 22 13 8

Actual activity
1 1 0



Hurricane Aileen

Category 1 hurricane (HTMC)
Aileen (2020 - Olaris - Sim) Aileen (2020 - Olaris - Track)
DurationJanuary 18 – January 22
Peak intensity85 mph (135 km/h)
982 mbar (hPa)

In mid January a section of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) split off from the main zone. This section would gradually develop a low pressure area inside itself and start gaining more organization as it trekked over sea surface temperatures of 91°F. The area of disturbed weather eventually became organized enough to become Tropical Depression 01N while at an extremely southern latitude of 3.5°N. The depression struggled to intensify initially due to southwesterly shear and moderate amounts of dry air. However, 18 hours later it eventually organized further to become a tropical storm and it was named Aileen.

Storm Names

  • Aileen
  • Bradley (unused)
  • Candice (unused)
  • Dante (unused)
  • Evelyn (unused)
  • Flippius (unused)
  • Ginette (unused)
  • Hanale (unused)
  • Indira (unused)
  • Jarett (unused)
  • Katie (unused)
  • Lars (unused)
  • Melika (unused)
  • Neilson (unused)
  • Orsola (unused)
  • Payton (unused)
  • Quartilla (unused)
  • Randolph (unused)
  • Sammie (unused)
  • Tanakshi (unused)
  • Uliana (unused)
  • Vincent (unused)
  • Wioletta (unused)
  • Xenon (unused)
  • Yelena (unused)
  • Zolin (unused)
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