All storms are monitored by FIJI and the NHC. All storms monitored in this region by Fiji have either a name suggested by MWO, or a number followed by an X.


Tropical Cyclone Sarika

Category 1 tropical cyclone
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
DurationDecember 5 – December 12
Peak intensity75 km/h (45 mph) (10-min)  997 hPa (mbar)

A subtropical depression formed near the Galapagos Islands on December 5th, as it moved towards the islands, it gradually intensified, and was upgraded into a subtropical cyclone by FIJI as winds reached 65km/h, and named Sarika. The cyclone made landfall in the Galapagos Islands on December 6th with 10-minute winds of 65km/h, ranking it still as a category 1 tropical cyclone on the Australian tropical cyclone intensity scale. On December 7th, as the cyclone cleared the mountainous Galapagos Islands, the storm became fully tropical in origin, and attained its peak 10-minute sustained winds of 75km/h on the 9th as it began to approach the Peruvian coastline. As the storm neared the coast, it maintained strength, until it began to undergo an extratropical transition on the 11th. Both the NHC and FIJJI issued their last advisories on the system that evening, respectively, stating that the cyclone had transitioned into an extratropical low whilst stalling offshore Peru on the 12th. The extratropical remains of the cyclone continued to linger offshore, and weakened slowly. The remains lost all recognition on the 16th, when the storms remnant circulation was absorbed by a larger extratropical low to its south. During the course of its life cycle, Sarika caused no deaths, and minimal damage.

Tropical Disturbance 02X

Tropical disturbance (FMS)
DurationJanuary 9 – January 12
Peak intensityWinds not specified  Unknown hPa (mbar)

Severe Tropical Cyclone Lola

Category 5 severe tropical cyclone
Category 5 tropical cyclone (SSHWS)
Hurricane Ioke, MODIS image on August 24, 2006, 2155 UTC STC Lola 2177 wsc
DurationJanuary 19 – January 29
Peak intensity220 km/h (140 mph) (10-min)  939 (record low) hPa (mbar)

Tropical Depression 04X

Tropical depression (FMS)
Tropical depression (SSHWS)
Temporary cyclone north TD 04X 2177 wsc
DurationMarch 17 – March 22
Peak intensity45 km/h (30 mph) (10-min)  1003 hPa (mbar)


Six names were selected during July for the upcoming season, of which 2 were used. These names will not be used again, being replaced by new names for any following seasons, to avoid the retirement of the names chosen.

  • Sarika
  • Lola
  • Alice (unused)
  • Zelda (unused)
  • Patty (unused)
  • Elicia (unused)

Season effects

2177-78 [[South Pacific Ocean]] statistics
Dates active Storm category

at peak intensity

Max 1-min
mph (km/h)
Areas affected Damage

Sarika December 5 – December 12 Tropical storm 45 (75) 997 Peru Minimal 0
02X January 9 – January 12 Tropical disturbance Unknown Unknown None None 0
Lola January 19 – January 29 Category 5 hurricane 160 (260) 939 Venezuala and the Atacama Desert None 2
04X March 17 – March 22 Tropical depression 35 (55) 1003 None None 0
Season Aggregates
4 systems December 5 - March 22   160 (260) 939 Minimal 0
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