• Harveycane

    top text

    July 5, 2020 by Harveycane

    hey there. it's the (possibly) most infamous HHW memer back again'.

    you'll start to see me more often in chat since covid's making me bored to death and I'm hoping to at least chat in the discord more often. don't want to lose touch with a community that i sticked to for about two years.

    just to make it clear that i'm still sticking to my retirement from editing on the wiki, but on the discord chat I'm hoping to go back to being an eternal chat-only user because why not. basically half/half if that's the right term.

    thanks for reading if you even do anyways xd


    p.s. i promise i'll stop this retirement cycle because im legit tired of retiring and unretiring

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  • Caribeangod2000

    Due to some personal problems,i will be leaving the HHW for a while now.due to fact that it will affect my userstorm,i will have to do this for the time being until these problems are done with.

    yes it probably will, however,it won't be fully cancelled because LazerBeam123 will try to update the season since he will be updating the airticle on weekends.

    yes,due to my leaving,it will affect my userstorm.

    yes,but not all the time.

    when my problems go away,i will be fully back soon, but for now, I will be leaving.

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  • Bluecaner


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  • Ssspp1

    Editing less frequently.

    June 26, 2020 by Ssspp1

    Hello HHW,

    Today is a great day, isn't it? Well it is, for me. I just wanted to make this announcement because I wanted to say this to you all. I will be editing less frequently starting on June 29, Monday.

    School, along with online classes can take a toll on my mental health. It can make me anti-social, give me PTSD, and etc. This also means that I have to do a lot of work and can give me a lot of stress, but I am glad I am not a moderator. Also, this is the main reason why I will be editing less frequently starting next week.

    As I said earlier, stress is a reason on why I will be editing less frequently. This can give me nightmares and sleep paralysis. Also, it will affect my mental health.

    Of course, yes. I will still be editing but less fr…

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  • WeatherWill

    My resignation

    June 25, 2020 by WeatherWill

    Hello all,

    Whether this is a shock to you or not, I have decided to resign from my position as junior administrator.

    This is not a bold, spir of the moment thing, I have been contemplating this since last year and I have decided to go through with it. This has been a hard decision and has caused me much anxiety, but I believe it is the right choice. Being staff since December 2018 has been a great experience and has really taught me a lot. However, there have been downfalls. More than I can count. This resignation is a completely personal one and has nothing to do with anyone or any situation. Since the self isolation started, I started spending more time online and that has really damaged my mental health. I have become anti-social and have…

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  • SadJoel

    New stuff

    June 20, 2020 by SadJoel

    new page coming out!

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  • SadJoel


    June 19, 2020 by SadJoel

    elsaggjghtjtghhtjhtjydhujyijulhyd;tohjkvuytjhr5yh6dthurricanegfjidgsfnijgdjgknjmjmgkfmsgfkmdkmfkmrkfd gfhgnjrj

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  • Andrew444

    Dear fellow contributors of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki,

    Nice to see you again or meet you! I am writing to invite you all to join Hurricanes Wiki! Activity on the forums has notably decreased in the past year, and we would certainly love to see more participation! If you become tired of making hypothetical seasons and/or want to discuss active systems with a group of passionate users, you are simply a click away!

    Please inform the administrators on Hurricanes Wiki about any questions you have:





    AndrewTalk To MeContribsMail Me 23:22, June 1…

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  • Monsoonjr99

    NOAA-style Graphics

    June 12, 2020 by Monsoonjr99

    Since Force Thirteen lately has gotten some controversy over their use of NHC-style forecast cone graphics, I'd like to point out how HHW often has a lot of NHC/NOAA copycat graphics as well. In some cases, it is even worse than what F13 has done since they didn't include any NOAA/NWS insignia, but some HHW images do contain the NOAA or NWS logos.

    Yes, HHW is the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki, but these graphics are dangerous since it's too easy for some troll to rip the images from here and post them on Twitter pretending it is real news. Remember that beef with last year? We don't need to equate ourselves with fake news spreaders. There's a reason the disclaimer exists.

    First off, I request that the administration ban the usage of the NOAA and NW…

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  • Exaleaf


    Alan: 290 mph

    Banna: 250 mph

    Cena: 500 mph

    Damey: 1900 mph

    Ela/eros: 900 MPH

    Fahren: 60000 MPH

    Strongest Storm: Fahren

    Most Damaging: Ela/Eros

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  • Cylinder920

    I just finished my Eastern Pacific What-might-have-been analysis timelines. Gotta get back to work on the Atlantic seasons before I do the Western Pacific timelines.

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  • GiedriusforCat5

    So yeah, it's been 2 years since I joined HHW


    Thanks to everyone who's been a great friend and all, and um, see you next June 7th!

    - Izuku Midoriyablah / Giedblah

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  • Liferunner No. 3


    June 6, 2020 by Liferunner No. 3

    Hi, everyone! I'm Liferunner #3!

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  • Delcore44247

    Hey HHW user. I am writing to inform an update about my activity. So as you know i've been active alot, and its been great and fun. Im on work vacation. My high activity will end on June 11th as thats when I return to work. I plan to be active at least twice a week though after then. 

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  • GiedriusforCat5

    It's June 1st

    Oh, this is just a normal start of the AHS blog post then! June 1st, 2020. Coincidentally, also the start of the Danula season.

    Sees that two storms decided to ruin the fun




    More seriously though, looking forward to my second wikiversary on June 7th. I've been on HHW for two years longer than I expected to be here, bruh. Double or nothing!

    - a Giedblah

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  • Bobnekaro

    Note: Odile previously made a similar poll, but he stopped updating his after the day it started and his expired on May 15, so I decided to open up this poll for those that had not posted their numbers yet. I had previously done these polls since 2016 (which run through 11:59 p.m. EDT May 31), and calculate the HHW average prediction based on the predictions of different HHW users. Users that submitted a prediction to Odile's poll have had their numbers transferred here, and are free to update their numbers.

    Last year, we had 35 participants. Only one user correctly guessed the exact total of 18 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes in his range - GloriouslyBlonde.

    The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season starts in just 10 days in UTC.…

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  • Bowsertendo666

    I think that this wiki should move to Miraheze because it’s way better than Fandom. It’s also that I don’t have to use my iPad to log in.

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  • Aguywhocantgetpastspecimen1

    I am still not dead and I will likely make a new article very soon.

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  • Bluecaner

    1000 Edits!

    May 13, 2020 by Bluecaner

    Dear HHW community.

    In April, I made a return to HHW, and it was a great decision, I've finished around 9 seasons, 6 of which were "active". Today, this is my thousandth edit. In the coming weeks, my activity may slow down as my computer screen needs to be replaced, but my interest in Tropical Cyclones is at a record high. I'm very happy to rejoin the HHW community, and its nice to see all the new users and old users.

    Sincerely, Bluecaner.

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  • AquaKille Yt

    Currently, there is a new invest up on the rise in the Atlantic coming in 5 days. With a 50% chance of it becoming a cyclone, what do you guys think? This photo i added here since why not, needs more room anyways...But anyways, Comment below and have a conversation of if this is going to become Author or a tropical depression, and how intense it maybe. Your predictions can be the future.


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  • Jurrifghhhwn

    As already stated, the reason why i won't be updating my hurricane season is because I am a beginner here so i am very unused to the editing and other stuff. Which means that i will need some help with some things. But anyway,i will still be here and then when I am good enough to continue my live hurricane season, I will let you know

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  • FrigidusMedicane


    May 1, 2020 by FrigidusMedicane

    Hello there Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki Community, is me, Frigidus Medicane also known as Hyper Medicane or Tornadic Hypercane. today I'm going to make a serious announcement that should not take lightly.

    it's been 11 months since I joined this community under the name of Hyper Medicane on June 1, 2019. It's hard to say but I decided to leave this community. Today I decided to start a retirement for an indefinite if not permanent amount of time from this community. This is Not a Joke.

    I will respond to all comments until midnight (Italian time)

    Well, I have a personal life. School is very hard and I have only a little time for making small edits also school gives me a lot of stress, considering that in 2022 I will have my maturity exams I will only g…

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  • LazarBeam123

    Predictions are now open in the 2020 North Indian Cyclone Season! Submissions will close when the first Named storm forms, so vote now!

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  • LckyTUBA

    An announcement-

    April 29, 2020 by LckyTUBA

    Hi everyone, it's me, LckyTUBA.

    I've decided that the time has come for me to move on from being a frequent editor here.

    I'm not leaving entirely or anything, so don't worry, I don't plan on leaving entirely and will definitely still be around on Discord. I've just found that I haven't really found the drive to do much editing recently, and I hope you all understand. I've been spending more time with non-hypothetical weather. I could make an edit now or then, but it's not going to be an everyday thing anymore.

    I just want to thank everyone here for putting up with me and letting me be a part of this community, and for all that this community has given me.



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  • BannedTruely

    New avatar

    April 25, 2020 by BannedTruely

    How do you like it? Did you notice it? I like it. GRADIENT! 

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  • Ssspp1

    1st HHW Wikiversary

    April 23, 2020 by Ssspp1

    Ok so you're wondering why I created this blog post.

    It is my 1st HHW Wikiversary, April 23, 2020!!1!!1!

    If you don't believe me, go check my userpage! Get your facts straight, silly ol- chums!

    Ok, so where was I? Oh! It has been a great first 12 months here in HHW. Thank you, HHW, for making my life here alter myself. Before, I was just a boring kid doing boring stuff but now, I am now editing in a wikia which is making me mentally stable now. I am looking forward to the future of HHW staff and the whole community. Also, I am looking forward to becoming CM but I would rather not request and instead wait. I will request one day but if it fails, I will wait till my promotion.

    Thank you for reading this! Peace out, silly ol- chums!

    - Basti

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  • Danilo Evangelista

    Hello staff and users! As you may know, I have been gone for the past several weeks on HHW. Well, I do need a break and i was able to get one over the past several weeks. I am catching up with things such as school work and also, my very own YouTube channel for weather which now has 75 subscribers! For those who know me, don't worry I didn't leave... I would never leave HHW! Even if I am gone for more than a month, I would never officaly leave. So that's that. 

    I will be active these coming weeks so expected a bit of activity from me from now on. 

    Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

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  • LazarBeam123


    April 21, 2020 by LazarBeam123

    This is a vote for the name Amy if it should be retired. 

    If you need info, check out this page, then make your decicison. Medicane Amy (01M-81). Voting will end May 10th so vote now!

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  • LazarBeam123


    April 19, 2020 by LazarBeam123


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  • Cosmo224

    You can never stay away from HHW too long. Hi guys.

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  • Danilo Evangelista

    Hello everyone, I am back on the wiki! I took a several day break but I am back! I want people's predictions to my upcoming 2020 Live Atlantic hurricane season! It's starting soon so don't miss out. The pre-season predictions are avalibale now until May 15, then the polls for the pre-season will close. Look foward to see your predictions!

    Current Predictions:

    Sssp1 = 14-16 named storms, 8-9 hurricanes, 2-3 major hurricanes

    LazarBeam123 = 16-18 named storms, 6-8 hurricanes, 3-4 major hurricanes

    I will edit as people submit predictions.

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  • Baron Kobe

    Ive been grounded.

    April 1, 2020 by Baron Kobe

    This really freaking sucks. I have been grounded. I cant fly anymore. Thanks to this stupid corona virus thing. Im normally a bot but every year on April 1 I revert to human form and this year I cant even fly. I hate this.

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  • MonseurRoussil1997

    i'll start: 15-8-4 no joke predictions are allowed, submissions will end on May 15.

    User Storms: Hurricanes: Major hurricanes:
    MonseurRoussil1997 15 8 4
    Kiko Snowe 17 8 3
    Bobnekaro 13-18 6-10 2-5
    KingLucarius 12-18 6-10 3-6
    GloriouslyBlonde 9-17 0-5 1-3
    StrawberryMaster 12 6 3
    MasterGarf 14-19 6-10 2-6
    Sandy156 13-17 5-9 2-4
    Minecraft8369 13-17 6-8 2-5

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  • TropicalStormChapsteck


    I, officially, announce my promotion from HHW.

    This is a very easy decision to make. I've been with this wiki for under 3 years, and I've gotta say I know how I would have gotten along without you guys. I've been through so littke, in fact, over 0% of my life, on the wiki, and I quite honestly want to stay off the wiki, or at least the discord, for as long as I possibly can. I've been an administrator here, as well. It's been boring, but I honestly think it's time for that to start. I have no reasons for this. First, I've gained interest dramatically. I want to edit anymore, and I'm honestly nearly as fascinated by TCs as I was after. While I do not enjoy talking here, sometimes I don't feel like I can't live up to the purpose of this …

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  • Theggus

    Hi. It has been a pleasure to be here since June of 2016. I am officially announcing my retirement from userstorm status, to bureaucrat status. I bid farewell to myself, and wish myself an early birthday, even though my birthday isn't until November 13th. The reason I am retiring to bcrat status is because I feel I could do a lot of helpful things to the wiki even if I was inactive and not available. People will think of me and will be influenced by this blog post and will feel obligated to do more on HHW in one night than anything was ever done, ever since the wiki came into existence, in September of 1910 all because of a paragraph on a hypothetical hurricane wiki. Its amazing how the wiki has survived both world wars, the 9/11 terrorist…

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  • StrawberryMaster

    Hello there, members of the HHW community!

    We, the administration members of HHW, always wanted to give back to the community after almost 10 years of memorable adventures. That's why we created HHW+, a project to honor the most valuable member of this community: MarioProtIV.

    Mario, a former junior administrator of the wiki, was once seen as a leading candidate for bureaucrat and has shown his experience in the wiki and elsewhere, like in Wikipedia and the Justin Bieber Wiki. With HHW+, we've decided to honor Mario by giving him a honorary Junior Bureaucrat title. We also have changed the wiki wordmark and background.

    And for the time being, HHW is now HHW+! starring MarioProtIV.

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  • AstrohunchoTheGreat

    500th edit

    March 29, 2020 by AstrohunchoTheGreat
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  • Cosmo224

    The NetTropics Project

    March 22, 2020 by Cosmo224

    (I'm not back, probably)

    So, I was in the shower yesterday, thinking about Monsoon's simulator when the idea came to me - "What would happen if there was an online version of Monsoon's great hurricane sim?" And immediately after that I began work on my new project, NetTropics, which I finally have working to some degree (you can actually connect to the server, which took far longer than it should've) today.

    NetTropics is an online hurricane simulator. The season will be simulated on the server side, using similar algorithms to Monsoon's sim. Ops will be able to spawn storms, set their paths, and modify the parameters of the simulation - activity, SST, shear.

    I am also considering another mode, sort of similar to capture the flag or TF2's payloa…

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  • StrawberryMaster

    This blog post is part of a series I've created where I interview random HHW users and discuss with them their experiences on the wiki.

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  • BlueStarPort

    EXPLANATION: A borderline storm is a storm that is on the edge of a category. In this concept, a 40 mph storm would become a TD, and a 70 mph storm would become a C1. A 35 mph storm would become a TD, etc.

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  • BeastlyKiko


    March 20, 2020 by BeastlyKiko

    me when wikia is glitching and i cant add my avatar back since i renamed my account

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  • Hypercane

    Well HHW, this is it. After 6+ years of serving all of you as a bureaucrat, my time has come to resign. I would like to thank everyone over the years for helping me grow as a leader and a person. The memories I have made here will last the rest of my life. It was an honor to serve everyone in HHW and I hope you guys stay strong and prosper after my time here as a bureaucrat. Thank you all and I hope you guys continue to enjoy the wiki.

    I would also like to give a special thanks to Andy for being a great role model in my earlier days. He is and will always be an idol to me, and I hope he is doing well too.

    Discord activity will remain mostly the same so don't worry, I won't completely disappear. Again thank you, everyone, for everything.


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  • Ssspp1

    Today is a day that I will remember throughout a part of my life. You might be thinking that I got a gold medal in an event or I had the best day ever. No no no! That's not why, silly zoomers! It was because drum roll please... I WAS PROMOTED TO BE AN AUTOPATROLLER! If you don't believe me, check my user page. It says "AUTOPATROLLED USER" which means I am autopatrolled.

    Wait... so where was I?

    Ok, when I went on HHW today, March 18, 2020, I saw that I received a message from my message wall which was written by SM. The title was "Congratulations!" and I thought it was an achievement I got not related to being autopatrolled. However, when I read the message, I realized I was now an autopatroller, which means my edit I made are now in good fait…

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  • Danilo Evangelista

    Hello and update on NYC coronavirus. Schools will be closed here in NYC through April and maybe the rest of the school year. The planned date to attempt to restart schools in NYC "quoting De Blasio" is April 20, a Monday. But this could be to the point where it is extended to a full system disruption and I will finish the school year at home. Very interesting and by the way schools in nyc usually end on June 26 in a normal year. 

    Hope everyone else is doing fine! 

    Danilo Evangelista~

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  • BlueStarPort

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  • Danilo Evangelista

    Hello HHW members. I noticed not here much but throughout the world, the worry of this ongoing epedemic, the coronavirus. I just want to tell everyone that all will be okay for this members concerned (WHICH I KNOW THERE ARE HERE IN THIS WIKI). Yes, some states have blown up badly with the virus and yes schools have closed. If you are over stressing about this and worrying that you may get it, DON'T! Stress only weakens your immune system and gets you a better chance of getting sick. I am in NY state where things are really crazy but I am taking light procautions (like I haven't gone to school for the past several days to be aware and also am buying things to be prepared just in case the government orders everyone to go into quarentine. But…

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  • Theggus

    Due to the closure of all public schools in my state for the next 2 weeks, my editing is most likely going to increase by a large amount over the next 2 weeks until school likely reopens on March 30th. Depending on how bad this situation gets will determine how much I edit, as I will probably be staying home most of the time doing nothing but making seasons/play MC to pass the time and going outside to soak up some sunshine :) EDIT: March 23rd, 2020, 2:58 AM EDT - I am still awake! yes, you heard it right! This is a personal record for latest HHW edit at night I've ever done no doubt. Regarding school: It has become increasingly likely that the school closures will be extended. As expected, the situation has gotten bad, and there are now n…

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  • BlueStarPort

    Hello, I am Portavia, and I have moved accounts, as I want to turn over a new leaf, as I haven't been the best before.

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  • HarrisTsang720

    ima inactive

    March 11, 2020 by HarrisTsang720

    so I am losing interest in hurricanes and am only interested in hanging out in the forums

    see you in the forums I guess

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  • WWei Mapping & Animation


    March 8, 2020 by WWei Mapping & Animation

    Hi, I created an insane hypo

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