Hurricane Iris 08 oct 2001 1922Z (1)

Hurricane Walter at its borderline C4-C5 peak.

  • Hurricane Walter of 2010 was  a powerful and deadly hurricane that made landfall in Belize area that was already battered by Hurricane Shary earlier in the season. at 155 (179 reported) MPH, causing near 2,000 deaths near the area, Walter soon lost winds over Belize, but then it made a unexpected tropical storm landfall near the Veracruz area in Mexico
While models have predicted a weak storm to impact belize, Hurricane Walter rapidly went from a C1 to a C4 in a matter of 5 hours, leaving citizens of Belize very small time to evacuate, the storm rapidly lost wind and made a weak Tropical storm landfall in Mexico, While FEMA did support the Belize goverment after the disaster, most of the Food given to survivors were rotten candies, Belize Goverment declared that FEMA is "Not helping others, and is just wanting attention."  United States of American Goverment declared that Belizan Goverment would stand down on this natural disaster, The crisis that happened in Belize is similar to the one currently in Puerto Rico, near a million people have been left homeless due to this storm, and the name 'Walter' was retired by the WMO in the spring of 2011, Reason: Historic and Extremely deadly.
2010 What-might-have-been Atlantic Hurricane Season

2010 What-might-have-been Atlantic Hurricane Season

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