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Tropical Cyclone Headlines:

04:39 UTC, September 18th, 2019
NOTE: Information on this template is taken from the local Regional Specialized Meteorological Centers, who issue official warnings on tropical cyclones and possible suspect areas when needed. Please note that information on this template may be slightly out of date during busier periods of tropical cyclone activity.


Atlantic Storms

Hurricane Humberto: Wind speed 100 knots, 115 miles per hour. Central pressure 951 millibars. (Advisory #22)

Tropical Depression Ten: Wind speed 30 knots, 35 miles per hour. Central pressure 1006 millibars. (Advisory #3)

Tropical Depression Imelda: Wind speed 30 knots, 35 miles per hour. Central pressure 1007 millibars. (Advisory #3)

Eastern/Central Pacific storms

Tropical Storm Kiko: Wind speed 45 knots, 50 miles per hour. Central pressure 1002 millibars. (Advisory #23)

Tropical Storm Mario: Wind speed 35 knots, 40 miles per hour. Central pressure 1004 millibars. (Advisory #3)

Tropical Storm Lorena: Wind speed 45 knots, 50 miles per hour. Central pressure 1002 millibars. (Advisory #3)

Other basins

Western Pacific:
There are no systems in the West Pacific basin at this time.

Northern Indian:
There are no systems in the Northern Indian basin at this time.

Southern Hemisphere:
There are no systems in the Southern Hemisphere at this time.


There are no active countdowns currently.

Wiki Headlines:

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Did you know...

  • ... that the formation of Subtropical Storm Andrea marked the fifth year in a row where a tropical or subtropical cyclone developed before the official start of the season?
  • ... that the 2019 Pacific hurricane season is the latest-starting Pacific hurricane season on record since reliable records started in 1971?
  • ... that Tropical Storm Cindy was the first tropical cyclone to make landfall in Louisiana since Hurricane Isaac in 2012?
  • ... that Hurricane Harvey was the costliest hurricane in the history of the Atlantic basin, and the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Hurricane Wilma in 2005?
  • ... that Hurricane Irma became the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic basin on record outside of the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico, and produced the second-most Accumulated Cyclone Energy of any Atlantic hurricane on record?
  • ... that Hurricane Maria became the second landfalling Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic of the 2017 season, and likely the worst natural disaster on record for Dominica and Puerto Rico?
  • ... that Hurricane Ophelia became the easternmost Atlantic major hurricane on record?
  • ... that the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was the costliest season on record, featured the seventh-highest Accumulated Cyclone Energy of any Atlantic hurricane season on record, and tied the record for most consecutive hurricanes in a season?
  • ... that Hurricane Florence became the wettest tropical cyclone on record for the Carolinas, and the eighth-wettest overall in the contiguous United States?
  • ... that Hurricane Leslie was the strongest tropical cyclone to stike the Iberian Peninsula since 1842?
  • ... that Typhoon Yutu became the second-strongest system to hit the United States and its unincorporated territories by wind speed?
  • ... that Hurricane Michael became the strongest storm to hit the Florida Panhandle and the first major hurricane to enter the state of Georgia since 1898?
  • ... that the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season had seen seven subtropical storms, more than any other season on record?
  • ... that the 2018 Pacific hurricane season was the most active Pacific hurricane season in terms of Accumulated Cyclone Energy on record?

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  • EFFECTIVE — March 1, 2019 — Season 14 of Hurricane Idol has started! This year's season is being hosted by Roy25 and co-hosted by Cooper7579. Make sure to check out the rounds in this page here!

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Sample articles:

If you want to make a hypothetical hurricane season, please look at this guide listed here: Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki:How to start a Hypothetical Hurricane Season. Additionally, you can view these sample articles listed here in order to help get your hurricane-making juices flowing:

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