The Wikia Chat feature is an on-site live chat that registered users may utilize to communicate with others in real time. The feature may be accessed through a pop-up window at Special:Chat, or by entering via the right navigation rail in Special:WikiActivity. Note that the chat only works with the Oasis skin, and as such you are redirected to the Oasis version by aforementioned link.

Discord is a free text and voice chat medium. The application can be used from within the web browser or downloaded, with the link for both being on the homepage of its website: It is available for several operating systems, and can be accessed via a web-app on certain browsers.

The guidelines stated here apply both to the off-site wiki Discord chat and the wiki chat.


Please, note; we comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and if any users who are 12 years old and below reveal their age, they will be banned on the server and blocked on the wiki until they are 13 years old. We don't ask for personal information.

Main guidelines

  • No cursing. Offensive words (and offensive images) will not be allowed. The words "hell", "damn", "dammit", "goddammit", "pissed" and "crap" are allowed; the rest must be censored (e.g. "f-ck") or abbreviated (e.g. "fck").
  • Bullying, personal attacks, harassment, discrimination and other forms of misconduct are prohibited.
  • On the wiki chat, spamming is allowed, as long as it's not vulgar or inappropriate, and can be stopped by two or more administrators. On the Discord server, spamming is allowed only in #spam-in-general. Vulgar and inappropriate spam are not allowed. Please don't spam outside of that channel, otherwise, you may be receiving a warning.
  • Please keep personal information to yourself. This includes your age, email, school, address, and phone number.
  • Inserting sexually explicit content and pictures are prohibited!
  • Not reading the rules isn't an excuse.
  • Users who consistently request rights will not receive said rights. Users who fail to listen will be blacklisted from user rights at the discretion of the administrators.
  • Users that are not chat moderators or higher should not minimod - that is, enforce the chat rules. If you see someone breaking the rules, please inform a chat moderator or administrator about this.
  • Jokes are not an excuse to break the policies.
  • Please do not advocate the death of another user.
  • If you are told by a chat moderator and above to not comment further on a topic, then please move on from it.
  • On the Discord server, advertising should happen in #spam-in-general-only.
  • While you are allowed to speak in whatever language you wish, please don't do it excessively or be disruptive. If requested, please speak in English in order to ensure everyone understands you.

Voice chat guidelines (Discord only)

  • No inappropriate language/profanity.
  • No revealing of personal information.
  • Be nice and treat people with respect.
  • Do not harass other users in the chat.
  • Don't go around screaming random gibberish.


If you wish to have a chat bot in the chatroom, there must be consensus to do so. Please make a request on the administrator's noticeboard outlining what the bot's purpose is in the chatroom, as well as the advantages when running it. If there is a successful bot request, the bot's commands should be documented on a subpage of either the owner's or the bot's userpage. If the bot promotes spamming in the chatroom, the bot might be removed from the chatroom or have a command removed. Any unapproved bots as well will be removed from the chatroom.

Current chat bots run in the chatroom (applies only to the wiki chat) are as follows:

Username Owner Purpose Discussion
Hypercane Bot Hypercane Logs the wiki's chatroom as well as produce statistics (promoted automatically)
Baron Kobe (semi-active) Bobnekaro Logs the wiki's chatroom as well as produce statistics (promoted by admins)
PassionFruitMaster (semi-active) StrawberryMaster Logs the wiki's chatroom Link

Other notes

  • If you see a link posted in chat, or private messaged to you by someone you do not know or trust, it is advised that you do not click it.
  • If another user has private messaged you inappropriate content, you can contact a Chat moderator through private message.

Chat moderators

The chatmoderator right allows users to moderate the chat by kicking and banning offending users. Administrators, as well as individuals who have passed the RfCM process, are allocated this right.

A list of current chat bans can be found here.

Current chat moderators

Username Talk page Contributions Log actions
GiedriusforCat5 Talk Contributions Log actions
HurricaneLucas4064 Talk Contributions Log actions
Sandy156 Talk Contributions Log actions
Sassmaster15 Talk Contributions Log actions
WeatherWill Talk Contributions Log actions

Banning information

Banning guidelines

  • Unintentional join and leave spammers should be kicked. They are free to rejoin when they believe the problem has been fixed.
  • General spammers (such as repeated advertising, repeatedly posting links, repeatedly posting random text, etc.) should be banned for around three days. This should be extended for repeat offenders.
  • More serious infringements, such as posting dangerous/offensive links, should be punished with a longer ban than for general spamming, such as a week or longer.

Remember that the above points are strictly guidelines. It is up to the banning moderator to decide on the actual ban time.

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