Chat moderators are wiki users that have the ability to moderate the community's Discord server. They have kick/ban powers on the server and can do a variety of tasks such as pinning or deleting messages, changing nicknames, and access to the administration channel. On the wiki, they have the Discussions Moderator user rights group, which allows them to edit/delete comments, delete blog comments, and moderate the Discussions feature.

To receive this right, users must apply for it or wait until they are promoted by a junior admin or above. They are chosen by the bureaucrats and administrators at Special:UserRights. Modship is only granted to active, users who are trustworthy, active in the chat, and are also autopatrollers.

Hypothetical Hurricanes Chat Moderators

Kiko Snowe
Eldest Chat Moderator (by default)
Monitors and patrols the wiki, the Discord server and Discussions
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