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This page documents some words that were frequently mentioned in the wiki chat, the wiki's Discord server, or both.


  • Say these words in moderation.
  • We don't encourage users to use the words in here in an attempt to be "accepted" or something similar.
  • Constantly and excessively saying these words can "cancerize" the chat, which is not advised. It's recommended that you do not excessively use them. Reminders, warnings and final warnings may be given if it continues.
  • Do not use these words in an attempt to harass any other user.

Main Part


. - A period is usually used to stop or prevent a chain.

  • Example:
    • HypotheticalHurricane: kden
    • Sandy156: kden
    • Sandy156: .

> - This symbol is used to point out typos and some weird words in chat. It's commonly used by users like FM Cube and HypotheticalHurricane.

  • Example:
    • GaryKJR: some saf failicai
    • Mario: > saf
    • Mario: > failicai

#(YEAR)Exit - This is used frequently when downcasting a basin. It originated from Prism, who wanted July of 2018 to be dead.




Bias - A popular way of triggering a user, a bias is when someone likes/dislikes something to the point where they would treat it differently than normal.

  • Example:
    • HypotheticalHurricane: Dorian will hit Roy as a hurricane, sad!
    • Roy: HH PLS
  • Trivia:
    • Some users and their biases are listed below.

Break chain - An act of breaking a chain of users with the same message. In the past, it was done to prevent UB3R-BOT, a bot in chat, from saying the same message after three consecutive messages were sent.

  • Example:
    • HypotheticalHurricane: sad
    • Roy: sad
    • Farm: sad
    • Cube: break chain
  • Trivia:
    • It is also called chain break and chain prevention.


Clone - A "clone" is an HHW user who acts noticeably similar to another HHW user, perhaps on purpose.

  • Example:
    • Mario: Keglie
    • StrawberryMaster: Mario, you make a great Gary clone.


Dead - Dead is an English word that is commonly used in chat. Some users tend to say this term mostly when a certain thing, (e.g. Discord chat) is inactive. Others tend to say the word in its literal meaning.

  • First usage:
    • First documented usage of dead in Discord is in the #administration channel, by Bobnekaro on May 17, 2016.
    • The word "dead" however, was used extensively in the wiki chat. Originally, it was posted as "silent chat", which became a 2015 HHW running gag, before becoming "dead chat".
  • Example:
    • StrawberryMaster: dead chat

December - A month which Bobnekaro has bias on. He wants to wishcast this month, and he wants storms to form this month, for one reason: It is his birth month. This is contrary to his bias against July.

  • First usage:
    • First used in late 2016 in Discord chat, it soon gained popularity over time.
  • Example:
    • Garfield: I made a December C1 form on your birthday.
    • Bobnekaro: yay

Denied - A word used to refuse to admit the truth or existence of. It's similar to "fake news" but in a direct denying matter. Most commonly used by MarioProtIV.

  • First usage:
    • Denied itself is first used back in 2016, and in early 2018, StrawberryMaster used the word a lot. It eventually died out and people used it again in mid-2018.
  • Example:
    • StrawberryMaster: Mario is sad.
    • Mario: denied

Downcast/Downcaster - Downcaster is a term for people who downcast. Downcasting is an act of deliberately wishing for a certain tropical cyclone to weaken, not form or dissipate.

  • Example:
    • Mario: Andrea will not form!
    • Hypercane: Mario pls, you downcaster.
  • Trivia:
    • In HHW, the downcasters can be separated into two groups: the ATLANTIC Downcaster and PACIFIC Downcaster. An Atlantic downcaster downcasts storms in the Atlantic basin while Pacific downcaster downcasts in Pacific basin.
    • Downcasting is usually not serious and mostly used for fun only.
    • The opposite of downcasting is wishcasting.

Doomcast(er) - A more extreme form of wishcasting. Doomcasting is when someone wishes for a tropical cyclone to impact land at a very powerful intensity.

  • Example:
    • Cooper: HWRF models show Chantal hitting Texas as a powerful C5
    • Bob: Sad doomcasters



Failicia - Failicia is a popular term on HHW, used to describe a weak tropical cyclone that failed to, or is failing to meet expectations. This is one of the oldest HHW terms, long predating the Discord server.

  • First usage:
  • Example:
    • Bobnekaro: Ugh, Debby is still a tropical storm.
    • Hypercane: What a failicia.

Fake news - Fake news is a common term whose literal meaning is "false information". The term is often used as a reply to a tease, which the person saying it thinks it is not true.

  • First usage:
    • The first mention of "fake news" in Discord chat was a series of nicknames with Money Hurricane, on June 10, 2017, following by a direct message by Hypercane on June 13 of the same year.
  • Example:
    • StrawberryMaster: Mario loves Nicole!
    • Mario: fake news



High on mints - A sarcastic and humorous way of saying someone is being crazy, as if they were high on mints.

  • First usage:
    • Back in September 2015, then-HHW bureaucrat Hurricane news said "Hey Cardozo i`m high on mints" in the Wikia chat. It was rediscovered in 2016 and has become a popular HHW term that is still used to this day.
  • Example:
    • StrawberryMaster: God, you guys are all high on mints. Horrendous.


Inb4 - An internet meme which refers to a user posting a reply to a message/topic "before" another user posts an obvious response.

  • First usage:
    • First usage was on December 12, 2016 on Discord chat, by StrawberryMaster though it might have been used early on wikia chat.
  • Example:
    • Bobnekaro: inb4 Alberto is still a failicia.
    • Hypercane: Yes it is, sad


July - July is a month which triggers Bobnekaro. It is considered that Bobnekaro has a bias against this month because he believes a weak July is a normal July, but other users tease him by making a season with active July or directly saying that July is great.

  • Trivia:
    • It is contrary to the month of December, which Bobnekaro has also bias on.
  • First usage:
    • July was not a notable term until July 2016, when the month produced no tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin. As a result, Bobnekaro developed the bias.
  • Examples:
    • Hypercane: A July C5 will hit NC, sad!
    • Bobnekaro: Hype pls.


Kden - Kden is a term commonly used by HHW users in the chat, as a reaction to something absurd, unusual and weird that another user sent out in the chat.

  • First usage:
    • The term was likely first used in 2015-2016 by some of the early users of the chat.
    • While the term was not created on HHW, it was brought by StrawberryMaster: in the early days of chat, he posted "k you DEN supporter", as a reference to a now-dead NationStates region. Soon after, it started being said as "k DEN", "k den", and lastly, "kden".
  • Trivia:
    • Literally means "okay then".
    • It was known as separate words "k den" before.
  • Example:
    • Prism55: Irma was a 15 mph subtropical low!
    • Bobnekaro: kden

Kek - Kek is an internet term used as a substitute for the term "lol", which has the same meaning.

  • Trivia:
    • Kek was used more than lol, once used more than 60,000 times in chat, with lol being 50,000 times used. However, in the administrative chat, Kek is used more a lot than lol, with almost 22,000 times, with lol being 10,000 times only.
    • Kek has evolved into other forms, with the same meaning, like keg, kekir and topkek.
    • In more recent years, especially in 2020, the term has died out significantly, and has been replaced by the more common "lol." Certain users have opted to not use the term at all.
  • First usage:
    • Kek could have been used very early, mostly in Wikia chat.
  • Examples:
    • Farm: kek I made a sad track
    • Mario: kek
    • Garfield: kek
    • THG: kek sad


L1G - L1G is an anonymous female that user Bobnekaro had an interest in until they stopped talking in summer 2017. Despite this, Bobnekaro and others frequently mention her on chat to this day. The name "L1G" is an abbreviation of "Level 1 Girl", referencing the fact that according to Bob, L1G ranked tropical cyclones based on "levels", rather than the usually used "categories".

  • First usage:
    • The first known mention of "L1G" in Discord chat was when Bobnekaro mentioned her, on January 13, 2017, although she may have been mentioned in a different form earlier.
    • The term eventually grew to be used frequently in Discord chat.
  • Example:
    • Bobnekaro: Ugh, I miss L1G.





Pls - Pls is a term that means "please". It is used in an "oh, please" context. This is usually uttered when a user is attempting to trigger another user.

  • First usage:
    • "Pls" likely predates any logged HHW conversations, as it is a fairly popular internet term. But it can be assumed to have been uttered in the same year HHW chat activated.
  • Example:
    • Mario: Time to delet Akio.
    • Akio: Mario pls.



Repton - Repton is a character from Storm Hawks which the eldest bureaucrat Hypercane is obsessed with. Some fanfics are usually associated with this character.

  • Trivia:
    • Repton was a past profile picture of Hypercane.
  • Example:
    • Hypercane: Repton is the best thing that ever existed.

Rigged elections - "Rigged elections" is a term commonly used by HHW user StrawberryMaster (aka SM) in chat. It is part of one of his well-known catchphrases, "it's time for rigged elections". He usually simulates a hypothetical election between two or more users after saying that statement.

  • Trivia:
    • Sometimes, rigged elections are associated with AGirlCalledKeranique, who sometimes won hypothetical elections against powerful HHW users.
  • First usage:
    • The first documented usage of "rigged elections" on the Discord server was made by Money Hurricane on August 07, 2017, but the term was said previously on the wiki chat.
  • Example:
    • StrawberryMaster: it's time for rigged elections

Real news - "Real news" is a term commonly used as a reversal to the phrase "fake news". It is used most often when another user says "fake news" to either the original user's content or a third user's content the original user thinks is true (usually jokingly).

  • First usage:
    • "Real news" was first used by StrawberryMaster on August 29, 2017. Interestingly, it only began to pick up speed in 2018, despite the term "fake news" being used fairly often before then.
  • Example:
    • Bobnekaro: fake news
    • Chap: real news


Sad - "Sad" is a very common term in HHW. Contrary to its literal meaning, it is mostly used as a humorous way to depict or reply the person or thing with unfortunateness or dismay. It has spawned many variations, including "sade", "sadn't", and "sobble".

  • First usage:
    • First mentioned by Brickcraft1 on February 24, 2017 in Discord chat; early mentions were mostly literal meaning until the start of July.
  • Trivia:
    • The term is used almost 140,000 times in the chat (not counting #bureaucrats), which is even more than total messages from Farm River and Money Hurricane combined.
    • A popular belief is that HHW created the current meaning of sad, but this is untrue. The usage originates from the infamous tweets of current U.S president Donald Trump.
    • Despite still being a heavily used term, it has declined in popularity after its peak in 2019.
    • In 2019, "sad" accounted for roughly 4.3% of all posts made in that year.
  • Examples:
    • Bobnekaro: kek that's sad
    • Farm: sad
    • Mario: sad
    • THG: sad



SBOX - "SBOX" is a fictional gaming console. The name SBOX is an abbreviation of "Strawberry-Box", suggesting a correlation between the console and the HHW user StrawberryMaster (SM). The console is often jokingly used and referred to in relation to other fictional games devised by HHW users, such as the Quest for L1G, Rigged Elections, and others.

  • First usage:
    • The SBOX was first mentioned in the Discord server by VileMaster on October 7, 2017.
  • Examples:
    • StrawberryMaster: The Quest for L1G and Nicole, coming soon to the SBOX!

Shut - "Shut" is a word mainly used by HypotheticalHurricane and FM Cube. It is used as an alternative to "pls".

  • First Usage:
    • Shut in its current context was first used by Prism on August 31, 2018, in the phrase "shut the up" in #spam-in-general as a response to a bot. Shut was first used in isolation by HypotheticalHurricane on January 21, 2019, as a response to THG.
  • Examples:
    • Chap: The correct dot size is actually 400 radius
    • HypotheticalHurricane: chap, shut

Sneaux - "Sneaux" is an alternate spelling for snow, which is one of the most widely talked topics in chat. Sneaux is mostly used by people who likes snow, like Bobnekaro (who is a hard snow wishcaster).

  • First usage:
    • It was first mentioned by TheHurricaneGod, snow enthusiast, back in December 2017. Sneaux was used only a few times around that time, before eventually dying out. It was revived in October 2018 at the advent of winter and has been used more frequently since.
  • Examples:
    • THG: Sneaux for Bobbeh!
    • Bobnekaro: YAY

Slop - A recently made term used to describe large, messy tropical cyclones, specifically in the Gulf of Mexico. It can apply to other systems, however.

  • Example:
    • Bob: Wow, Andrea is big.
    • Cooper: Yeah, it's GoM slop.


Total bull - "Total bull" is a term used frequently by THG, and other users. The phrase means that the one saying it heavily disagrees with or dislikes something, but it can be used in a sarcastic manner.

  • First usage:
    • The first documented usage of "Total bull" on the wiki was on an iconic message wall post by user TheHurricaneGod. At the time, he used it seriously, expressing his anger at an editing conflict.
  • Example:
    • THG: Remember kids, Tropical Storm Karl is Total bull.

Trigger - The action of irritating/angering someone on purpose for their own entertainment. This is a popular pastime of some HHW users, such as Mario, Prism55 and Farm.

  • Example:
    • Mario: There will be a C5 in July 2019, @Bobnekaro ping pong
    • Bob: MARIO PLS
    • Mario: lol Bob is triggered

Theggus Track - A Theggus track is a special type of hurricane track, almost always made by THG, who is occasionally called "Theggus", a nickname given to him by SM. They usually consist of bizarre intensification and weakening trends, inconsistent track "dot" sizes, and occasionally, random pictures.

  • Example:
    • THG: Check out this Theggus track lol
    • Bob: KDEN it hits NC four times?
    • THG: Sad




Whistleface - An emoji which in this form ":3" which is used mainly by Layten and eventually other blobs. It was used commonly to add flavor to a conversation, but often cancerized by several users. There are several variations of the whistle, but the generic one is considered the most popular. Also used in some triggering antics.

  • Example
    • Mario: hype is sad (whistle emoji)

Wishcast/Wishcaster - An act of wanting for a tropical cyclone to intensify. It is usually done for a cyclone to be interesting and not be classified as "failicia".

  • Example
    • Hypercane: I wanted Hurricane Dorian to be a C5!
    • Roy25: Wishcaster
  • Trivia
    • It is the opposite of downcaster.
    • In HHW, wishcasting DOES NOT promote death or destruction. It is only done for a storm to be interesting to track.




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