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Disclaimer: The content on this wiki is fictional and NOT a resource for real tropical cyclones. NONE of this wiki's content should be taken as a real indication of inclement weather.


Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki
This page documents an official Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki policy.
It describes a widely accepted standard that all editors should follow. Changes made to it should reflect consensus.

These are the forum guidelines of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki that all users have to abide by. This applies to Discussions.

Forum policies

Before contributing to the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki Forums, please keep in mind a few best practices for conduct:

Be nice and treat people with respect.
People from all around the world read and edit this wiki and its forums. Like any other collaborative project, not everyone will agree all the time. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions.
Try to find existing discussions first, but don't be afraid to start a new thread.
Please take a moment to sift through the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki boards to see if a discussion already exists about something you want to talk about. If you can't find what you're looking for, jump right in and start a new discussion!
Ask for help.
Notice something that doesn't seem right? Or do you have a question? Ask for help here on the forums! If you need help from Fandom staff, please reach out on Community Central or via Special:Contact.
Have fun!
The Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki community is happy to have you here. We look forward to seeing you around as we discuss this topic.


The Discussions board is separated into six different boards, and more information on them is provided below:

  1. General board: this category will be for off-topic posts that do not belong anywhere else.
  2. News/Announcements: important news or announcements will be shared here. Administration members are the only users authorized to post anything here - any other post will be deleted on sight.
  3. Weather discussion: this category is for weather-related topics, including hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, etc., regardless if they are affecting you or not. No hypothetical posts are allowed in this category.
  4. Fun and Games: self-explanatory. This category hosts all the fun and games posts.
  5. Admins' noticeboard: this is only for immediate administrator attention. Examples include ongoing spam and vandalism, personal attacks, or other guideline violations. If you have a less urgent/important request, send them a message.
  6. Questions and Answers: self-explanatory. This category will be for any questions about the wiki or its topic that you may have.


Using profanity.
Profanity is not allowed on this wiki unless censored or abbreviated. The sole exceptions to this are: "hell", "damn", "pissed", and "crap".
Advertising without authorization.
You are not allowed to advertise your off-site project without consent from an administration member. You are allowed to share your articles, as long as they are hosted on this wiki. Ads with no authorization from a staff member will be deleted on sight.
Doubleposting on game threads.
There is no need to doublepost on the Fun and Games board. You should only respond to a thread on that board after another user has responded to it; this will keep things structured and prevent instances where one user is the only one responding to a post. If you've made a typo in your post, you can click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your message and click on the "Edit Post" button.
Mods will delete double posts when they occur. You also have the ability to report your message to the mods, who will be aware of it and delete it.
Necroposting is the action of posting in a thread that is either too old or has served its purpose. Hence, if you want to add to an existing, yet inactive discussion, please create a new post about it instead of reviving the old one.
Spamming and trolling.
Spamming is an unwanted action on the forums and may cause the user to receive a warning or block, depending on the occasion. Trolling is also unwanted, and it's best to report any issues to the administration team.
Impersonating users.
Impersonating other users, celebrities, staff members, or anyone else is not allowed without the consent of the user you are trying to impersonate.
Soliciting likes on threads.
Threads that solicit likes will be immediately deleted.

Forum FAQ

How do I stay on top of discussions I'm interested in?
With a Fandom user account, you can follow specific conversations and then receive notification messages (either on-site or via email) when a discussion has more activity. Be sure to sign up for a Fandom account if you don't already have one.
What are Topics?
Topics allow you to link a forum discussion with a wiki article. It's another way to keep everything organized and to help people find interesting discussions. For example, a Forum thread tagged with "Lord Voldemort" will appear at the bottom of the "Lord Voldemort" article.
Can I like other posts?
If you find a particular discussion or reply interesting, well-thought-out, or amusing, you can show direct appreciation by liking the post. You can do so by clicking the heart Upvote-icon.png button. They can be helpful in voting situations, too.
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