Below is the wiki news archive, which is a database of events that happened on the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki since 2011. The archive is updated yearly.

Wiki news:

2011 archives

  • EFFECTIVE August 24, 2011, Chat has been enabled on this wiki. Click here to access it.
  • EFFECTIVE December 10, 2011 New Wiki Layout.

2012 archives

  • EFFECTIVE October 29-November 2: Hurricane Sandy Hits.

2013 archives

  • EFFECTIVE February 26, 2013. The Hurricane Idol competition has officially ended as of May 1, 2013. The winning name was Igor and is announced the best name of the year. The winning user submitter was STO12. The name Fifi was the Runner-up, submitted by Andrew444.
  • EFFECTIVE May 22, 2013: A guide for making tropical cyclone seasons has been created.
  • EFFECTIVE May 26, 2013: Want to put your skills to the test? Do so right here!
  • EFFECTIVE May 26, 2013: The first official hurricane season making competition has started! Join in now!(UPDATE: The contest ended as of July 1, 2013.)
  • EFFECTIVE December 22, 2013: We've reached the 1,000 page milestone! Thanks to everyone for joining this wiki, editing this wiki, and creating pages on this wiki!
  • EFFECTIVE December 27, 2013: We've had a very great time at the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki during 2013, and this was one of the most active years on this wiki! We wish you all a happy new year, and hopefully an even more amazing year!

2014 archives

  • EFFECTIVE January 8, 2014: Don't forget about the mini hurricane season because now storms are being put into it and feel free to add more storms!
  • EFFECTIVE July 2, 2014: Season 2 of Hurricane Idol has officially ended. The winner of season 2 was Michael, submitted by Fool13 and the runner-up was Patty, submitted by Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala. Congrats to those names and the users who submitted them!
  • EFFECTIVE July 11, 2014: Season 3 of Hurricane Idol has started! Vote for your favorite name and see which wins!
  • EFFECTIVE July 15, 2014: We now have over 1,300 pages on this wiki!
  • EFFECTIVE July 31, 2014: Season 3 of Hurricane Idol is in its final stage. The winner of the season could either be Katrina, submitted by Not David Brown, or Wilma, submitted by HypercaneTeen. Congratulations to both!
  • EFFECTIVE August 10, 2014: Season 3 of Hurricane Idol has officially ended. Our gold finalist is Wilma, as submitted by HypercaneTeen. Our runner-up silver finalist was Katrina, which was submitted by Not David Brown. Congratulations to both names and all who participated! :)
  • EFFECTIVE August 30, 2014: We have over 1400 pages on this wiki! Thank you to everyone who contributed!
  • EFFECTIVE October 17, 2014: The WINNER of season 4 of Hurricane Idol has been announced!!! The winner was Jimena. Now that the winner has been announced, the season's now officially finished, and season 5's auditions will kick off November 22!
  • EFFECTIVE November 23, 2014: We are currently working for this wiki to quality for the spotlight, which will make this wiki grow by featuring the wiki on the bottom of other wikis! See this page for ideas on how to improve this wiki before this wiki will be submitted for the spotlight on February 1, 2015! Also, season 5 of Hurricane Idol has started!!!

2015 archives

  • EFFECTIVE January 6, 2015(Happy Epiphany): iBrian has started a hurricane season contest for the wiki. Check it out here: [[1]]
  • EFFECTIVE January 23, 2015: Hurricane Idol reached semi final stage vote for. Elida made by Bumblebee the transformer, Vongfong by Steve820 and Tara by Not David Brown.
  • EFFECTIVE Late February - Early March: A personal message from Azure:

"We've done it, guys! I've been seeing HHW on the bottom of multiple wikis, primarily UnAnything where I've been quite active. This means we've been SPOTLIGHTED!!! Congratulations to everyone for helping us reach this amazing milestone!"

  • EFFECTIVE March 15, 2015: Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki is getting larger by the minute! Click Here for a funny userpage to celebrate!!
  • EFFECTIVE Early March: The Top 10 Hurricane names for Hurricane Idol Has been announced!
  • EFFECTIVE All April: The Typhoons Are Attacking The Hurricanes! It's Hurricanes vs. Typhoons Month! All YOUR Hurricanes/Typhoons Have A Counterpart that's a Typhoon/Hurricane! On The Forums, Use Realism To Have Them Battle!
  • EFFECTIVE Late April: Hurricane Idol Season 6 Is Almost Over!
  • EFFECTIVE Late April - Early May: A personal message from Puffle:

"We've done it, guys! I've been seeing new users every week or two. This means Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki is becoming POPULAR!!! Congratulations to everyone for helping us reach this status!"

  • EFFECTIVE June 1, 2015: Maps have been enabled on this wiki. Give feedback on how this works for making tracks, etc. etc.
  • EFFECTIVE June 9, 2015: Chat now has CUSTOM EMOTICONS!!! Here are some: Puffle Epicface
  • EFFECTIVE July 1, 2015: The first season for Hypothetical Hurricanes Idol has officially been kicked off! Please vote for your favorite names!
  • EFFECTIVE July 2, 2015: The Season 7 of Hurricane Idol has officially ended! Our champion is Lorenzo, submitted by Fanofries, and our first runner up is Sandy, submitted by PuffleXTREME! Congratulations to everyone who participated!
  • EFFECTIVE Late July: A little message from IceCraft:

"This wiki is growing guys!!! The jump from 1800 pages to 1900 pages in just 2 weeks is SPECTACULAR!!! Click here for a page to celebrate!"

  • EFFECTIVE July 21, 2015: Hypothetical Hurricane Idol a bit inactive? We might have to cancel HHI if no one votes.
  • EFFECTIVEAugust 4, 2015: Hypothetical Hurricane Idol is CANCELLED! WHY?! :(. But, Typhoon Idol is replacing it!
  • EFFECTIVE August 5, 2015: A New Chat Record of 6 people on at once!
  • EFFECTIVE August 8, 2015: A new Chat Record of 7 Users on Chat!
  • EFFECTIVE August 11, 2015: Another personal message from Azure:

"We have reached it. 2000 pages. This is amazing. I remember when there were about 1000 pages, when I made the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Everyone). I was a noob back then, when Andrew and Steve were active. Now I am an administrator, working on a revamp of the aforementioned season, 2015 Atlantic hurricane season (Azure). This is mind-blowing. Also, on an unrelated note, I will make a new page, with records for the wiki. Wiki Records. ~~~~"

  • EFFECTIVE August 23, 2015: A personal message from Cardozo:

"I remember on August 17, that I created the 2100th page. This is amazing! Now I'm getting a bit inactive on here and a bit active on CAHH2, I would still make hurricane seasons here."

  • EFFECTIVE August 25, 2015 this wiki has groen huge and a early person message from User:Hurricane news
  • EFFECTIVE August 29, 2015: 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's 2nd and 3rd landfalls:
    Katrina 2nd landfall

    Hurricane Katrina at second landfall

  • EFFECTIVE September 1, 2015: we got spotlighted on Weather Underground! (written by odile)
  • EFFECTIVE September 6, 2015: We did it again! We broke a chat record! The 8 users were:
  • Puffle
  • Douglas
  • Odile
  • Teen
  • Hypercane Bot
  • Anon
  • EF5
  • HurricaneMonster

Thanks to all!

(written by Puffle)

  • EFFECTIVE September 6, 2015 at 7 pm: Broke record with 9 users! OMG! the Users were
  • Douglas
  • Puffle
  • Cardozo
  • The Fabulous Marcus
  • Hype
  • Hype's Bot
  • Anon
  • Odile
  • Monster

(written by Douglas)

  • EFFECTIVE from September 14, 2015: There have been new rules set out for this wiki, in order to attempt to prevent the latest cases of bad behavior - check out the rules for more information about the latest changes - WSC
  • EFFECTIVE from September 28, 2015: Douglas has been banned a second time! Let's celebrate!
  • EFFECTIVE from October 2, 2015: There is a new sister wiki now created at [2] - we hope to see you over there soon!!!
  • EFFECTIVE from November 3, 2015: The wiki is curently under lockdown. See this for more information.
  • EFFECTIVE from November 4, 2015: The wiki lockdown has ended as we have blocked Douglas' IP.
  • EFFECTIVE November 6, 2015 at 5:24 pm: Broke chat record with 11 users! the Users were
  • Bobnekaro
  • Hypercane
  • HurricaneMonster
  • Leboringjack
  • Hype's Bot
  • HypotheticalHurricane
  • Odile
  • Michelle
  • Amerika101
  • Olaf-Tiffi-Odus
  • Floyd

(written by Bobnekaro)

  • EFFECTIVE as of November 27, 2015: Message walls have been enabled on the wiki.
  • EFFECTIVE as of December 11, 2015: Douglas was globally blocked! Today, we declare the Douglas Elimination Day! See this thread for more information.
  • EFFECTIVE as of December 16, 2015: Broke chat record with 15 users! The users were:
  • Bobnekaro
  • CycloneNkechinyer
  • Emmaelise401
  • EndermanR169
  • HiiTZLoGaN
  • HurricaneOdile
  • Hypercane
  • Hypercane Bot
  • HypotheticalTornado
  • PassionFruitMaster
  • PuffleXTREME
  • Quilava77
  • SnaggyFTW
  • StrawberryMaster
  • WiiFitBot

(written by Floyd)

2016 archives

News of 2016

  • EFFECTIVE – January 2, 2016 – a personal message from Nkechinyer:

"Happy New Year HHW! Here, we hope that 2016 will be a great year for not only us, but you as well. The wiki layout has also been updated to a "Winter" theme (It appears like you are walking down a snow covered road). Have a great start to your 2016, as it should be the start of a good one."

  • EFFECTIVE – January 2, 2016 – Today is the birthday of Sassmaster15! You can wish him a Happy Birthday on his Message Wall!
  • EFFECTIVE – January 11, 2016 – The South Pacific's Cyclone Ula has became the first Category 4 of the year!
  • EFFECTIVE – January 13, 2016 – Subtropical Storm Alex has developed in the far eastern Atlantic, beginning the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season nearly 5 months before it officially begins! It is the first North Atlantic subtropical or tropical storm in January since 1978!
  • EFFECTIVE – January 16, 2016 – a personal message from Bobnekaro:

"We have reached 2,500 pages. This is incredible. I can't believe we have this many pages on this wiki now. It really is astonishing how a small wiki founded by one user has grown this large."

  • EFFECTIVE – January 19, 2016 – A personal message from Nkechinyer:

"The size of this wiki is beginning to get amazing. It's amazing to think that events that were very rare months ago are now very common. It seems that chat is very full and active every day, and we are having edit streaks larger than ever before. It is so incredible to see our wiki this large and this active. Thank you to all of those who have helped us reach this level of activity on our wiki!"

  • EFFECTIVE – January 28, 2016 – Hurricane Idol season 8 has ended! The winning name is Joaquin, submitted by Bobnekaro! The runner-up name is Colin, submitted by SnaggyFTW! Congratulations to these users!
  • EFFECTIVE – February 14, 2016 – Happy Valentines Day HHW! Enjoy the theme for today only to celebrate!
  • EFFECTIVE – April 18, 2016 – Cyclone Fantala has officially made it to Category 5 major cyclone status - a Southwest Indian Ocean intensity record, with record 10-minute winds of 155mph, with gusts of over 215mph!. Current intensity models take the cyclone up to 180mph, and down to 900hpa as of 0600 UTC - note this is outdated.
  • EFFECTIVE – May 2, 2016 – We reached a chat record, with 19 users! They were:

Even though some socks were involved, this was the fullest chat has ever been and a huge thank you goes out to these users for helping us break the record!

(written by Anthony and Floyd)

  • EFFECTIVE – May 28, 2016 – Tropical Depression TWO has formed off the South Carolina coast with peak winds of 35 MPH and a minimum pressure of 1009 mbar, with Tropical Storm Warnings in effect. The NHC is forecasting a 40 MPH peak - does that mean we could get Tropical Storm BONNIE prior to landfall?
  • EFFECTIVE – June 5, 2016 – We reached a chat record, with 22 users! They were:

Now, I'll leave a small note for the ones who brought in socks/alts into chat - please, don't do this. What happened today was something I do dislike, in my honest opinion. Bringing bots/socks/alts into chat, to get a chat record? Seriously? This is just too far-fetched, in my opinion. I'll say - this is not Hypothetical Socks, or Alts, or Bots... and that wasn't the best idea. Sure, we can have our share of fun in the chat, but what happened today was just "simply not the best choice". I hope every user understood what I said, and I hope this will not happen again. Thank you.

Anyway, I would like to thank all users that were in the chat during the record, and I hope that, next time we do it, we can do it fairly. :P A big shoutout to everyone!

(written by Floyd)

  • EFFECTIVE – June 5, 2016 - Tropical Storm COLIN has formed in the Gulf of Mexico, which makes it the earliest third named storm in Atlantic history!
  • EFFECTIVE – July 3, 2016 – Tropical Storm Nepartak has formed in the West Pacific basin, making the 2016 Pacific typhoon season the second latest season for a named storm to develop. Most models take Nepartak into typhoon status, some as the HWRF, take it into super typhoon status.
  • EFFECTIVE - September 28, 2016 - Happy Birthday, HHW! HHW turns six years old today! It is amazing that over a course of six years there have been over 3,300 pages added to this wiki!

2017 archives

News of 2017

  • EFFECTIVE — January 1, 2017 — a personal message from Bobnekaro:

Happy New Year HHW! Let's hope 2017 is a great one!

  • EFFECTIVE — February 18, 2017 — Hurricane Idol's season 10 will start in the upcoming days. You can submit your names by clicking here. Once 50 names are reached, the season will start.
  • EFFECTIVE — August 7, 2017 — The 11th season of Hurricane Idol will begin at 4:00 PM EDT, August 9. You can submit names until this time. This season is hosted by AkioTheOne and Money Hurricane. Good luck!
  • EFFECTIVE — December 19, 2017 — Wow. HHW has reached 5,000 pages! This is an amazing accomplishment after 7 years of HHW!
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