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Disclaimer: The content on this wiki is fictional and NOT a resource for real tropical cyclones. NONE of this wiki's content should be taken as a real indication of inclement weather.


Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki

On the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki, users have the option to request for a specific user right instead of waiting to receive them. Users are allowed to request for five positions: moderator, rollback, junior administrator, administrator, and bureaucrat.

Users cannot apply for the position of autopatrolled user (autopatroller), as this user right is only given to users by the administration team. Users who wish to have the position of code editor can directly contact a moderator, who will review it.

Admins: when updating the current promotion probability, please update it here and on the respective request pages, using the {{GreenLight}}, {{YellowLight}}, {{OrangeLight}}, {{RedLight}}, and {{PurpleLight}} templates.

Likely. Users are wanted.
Possible. Users aren't specifically wanted but promotion isn't extremely unlikely.
Unlikely. Users aren't wanted.
Very unlikely. Users really aren't wanted, but it's still possible.
Impossible. Requests are closed.

Positions you can request

Below are the available positions and the current promotion probability for them.

Available positions Current promotion probability Key
Moderator Orange light Unlikely. Users aren't wanted.
Rollback Purple light Impossible. Requests are closed.
Junior Administrator Purple light Impossible. Requests are closed.
Administrator Purple light Impossible. Requests are closed.
Bureaucrat Purple light Impossible. Requests are closed.

Current requests

Current RfXs (update)
Candidate Type Scheduled end date Passing? Tally
Symbol support vote.svg Symbol arrow up.svg Symbol neutral vote.svg Symbol arrow down.svg Symbol oppose vote.svg %
None available.