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Disclaimer: The content on this wiki is fictional and NOT a resource for real tropical cyclones. NONE of this wiki's content should be taken as a real indication of inclement weather.


Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki
This page documents an official Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki guide.
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This page is a database of useful resources to use in your tropical cyclone article or when tracking weather systems, alongside other useful features. It will be occasionally updated with relevant content; if you have any suggestions, message an administration member or visit the administrators' noticeboard.

HEX/RGB colors

This applies to the Saffir–Simpson scale.

Classification HEX color RGB color
Tropical depression #5ebaff 94, 186, 255
Tropical storm #00faf4 0, 250, 244
Category 1 #ffffcc
255, 255, 204
Category 2 #ffe775 255, 231, 117
Category 3 #ffc140 255, 193, 64
Category 4 #ff8f20 255, 143, 32
Category 5 #ff6060 255, 96, 96

Custom scales

These are the most used custom colors on the wiki:

Classification HEX color RGB color
Category 6 #8b0000 139, 0, 0
Category 7 #cc0033
204, 0, 51
Category 8 #cc0066 204, 0, 102
Category 9 #9b30ff 155, 48, 255
Category 10 #f9a7b0 249, 167, 176
Hypercane #ff99ff
255, 153, 255

Useful guides when making an article

For what-might-have-been seasons

Contains models of past storms, useful when writing what-might-have-been (WMHB) seasons.

Basin maps

How-to videos

These are how-to videos made by contributors like CycloneRyne94 for the wiki. These may be outdated, however, and also prone to inaccuracies. If unsure what to do, ask a moderator for advice.