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This is the request page to become an administrator. Please place your request in the space provided at the very bottom of this page.

General Information

  1. Please make sure your vote complies with the voting policy.
  2. The voting time for each applicant will last however long the promoting administrator/bureaucrat feels is necessary.
  3. You may leave comments below the applicant about opposing, being neutral, or supporting them getting the rights.


  1. You must have at least a 75% supermajority or greater at the end of the voting to receive the rights.
  2. You must already be a junior administrator (absolutely no exceptions to this condition).

How to make a request

To make a request, simply type your username in the box below, like this: <insert name here>. If this isn't your first request under your current username, type your username followed by the request number in parentheses, like this: <insert name here> (2).

Archived Requests

Name Link Dates % Symbol support vote.svg Symbol neutral vote.svg Symbol oppose vote.svg Result
(new account)
#1 September 6 — 7, 2015 100% 2 0 0 Successful
StrawberryMaster #1 December 16 — 17, 2015 100% 4 0 0 Successful
HurricaneOdile #1 February 26 — 29, 2016 100% 7 0 0 Successful
SnaggyFTW #1 March 3 — 4, 2016 100% 4 0 0 Successful
Azure the Serval #1 October 19 — 21, 2016 0% 0 5 1 Unsuccessful

Archived Requests (New System)

Name Link Dates % Symbol support vote.svg Symbol arrow up.svg Symbol neutral vote.svg Symbol arrow down.svg Symbol oppose vote.svg Result
None currently.


Requests are currently open.

Requests for rights
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