Rollback is a function that gives normal users the ability to use and have a rollback button without making them administrators. Rollbacks (also called rollbackers) have the "rollback" permission, which allows a user to undo bad edits with one click: by using the rollback link on diff pages, the user's contributions page, or the list of recent changes.

Typically, the rollback user right is given to users who also have the chat moderator permission, but rarely users who aren't chat moderators can receive the rollback permissions.

Moreover, the rollback tool should typically only be used in clear cases of spam or vandalism. In other cases, such as editing others' pages without permission the undo button with an explanation is recommended. You can also leave the explanation either on the edit summary or you can leave it on their message wall.

Hypothetical Hurricanes Rollbacks

Eldest Rollback (by default)
Monitors and patrols the wiki and Discussions
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