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Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki

Howdy, y'all.

Back in 2019, I thought the default Blue Marble basin maps weren't good enough. Force Thirteen's maps were cool, but I didn't want to get copystriked for using them; even then, getting access to them is practically impossible unless you are a contributor. So I made some myself - I used Blue Marble Next Generation maps, as well as some location research, to create my own F13-style, high-definition basin maps. I figured others might want to get this experience too, so I made them available on this wiki page free of charge for anyone who wants to use them.

Since then, my maps have seen widespread use throughout the HHW community, but have become especially known for their use in tropical cyclone animations on YouTube. I have since created upgraded maps for use in my own productions, which has made me all the more comfortable giving these out to anyone who wishes to use them in their next animation. If you are reading this message, you have my permission. (BTW...to make sure you don't have blurry maps in your videos, just click/tap on the thumbnails, go to "See full size image" on the top of the image preview, and download the pictures onto your device of choosing)

Have fun!

The maps

North Atlantic Ocean

East Pacific Ocean

West Pacific Ocean

North Indian Ocean


Australian Region

South Pacific Ocean

South Atlantic Ocean

Great Lakes Region

Mediterranean Sea