North Doglantic

Tropical cyclones and subtropical cyclones are named by the Hurricane Lucas Meteorological Agency to provide ease of communication between forecasters and the general public regarding forecasts, watches, and warnings. The names are intended to reduce confusion in the event of concurrent storms in the same basin. Generally once storms produce sustained wind speeds of more than 33 knots (61 km/h; 38 mph), names are assigned in order from predetermined lists depending on which basin they originate.

List of North Doglantic tropical cyclone names
Names Ava Ben Crystal Derek Emery Finn Gina Hank Isa Jack Katie Linus Melody
Nolan Olive Patrick Quenna Ricky Sierra Timmy Uma Vladimir Wynnie Xenos Yasmin Zane
Names Andy Belle Clyde Daisy Ethan Fatima Grant Haley Ishmael Jill Karson Lily Mason
Naomi Oliver Patsy Quinn Robyn Scott Tia Urien Venus Wally Xabrina Yahto Zahara
Names Alayna Bryan Cassie Dave Elina Fletcher Giselle Harrison Ivana Jeremy Kayla Lucas Meghan
Nathan Oprah Petie Quinta Russell Selena Tom Una Vaughn Winter Xerxes Yvette Zahir
Names Aiden Brooke Cris Denise Everett Fern Garrett Hannah Irving Janette Kion Liza Mark
Natalie Odell Penny Quentin Ruth Sawyer Taylor Umberto Val Will Xara Yurik Zelene
Auxiliary - 2020
Names Avery Brent Courtney Dakota Elise Flynn Grace Hayden Idalia Jacob Katherine Logan Mallory
Nelson Opal Parker Quella Robert Sadie Troy Ursa Vidal Winona Xander Yara Zion
Auxiliary - 2021
Names Anthony Bianca Carter Desiree Elliot Felicity Gabriel Harper Iggy Jessica Khalil Lauren Miguel
Nikki Oren Paige Quigley Ruby Stanley Tracy Ulmer Violet Westen Xenia Yves Zena
Auxiliary 2 - 2020
Names Ali Blaze Carly Diego Ebony Feliks Genevera Hunter Inga Joshua
Auxiliary 2 - 2021
Names Aaron Bryn Connor Deena Ezra Francesca Gary Helena Ibrahim Josie

North Pupific

When a tropical or subtropical storm exists in the Pupific Ocean, the Hurricane Lucas Meteorological Agency names the system using a predetermined list of names. The names are assigned in alphabetical order and used in rotating order without regard to year.

List of North Pupific tropical cyclone names
List A
Names Abby Bruno Chloe Duke Eva Felix Ginger Harley Inez Jake Kira
Louie Molly Nemo Orchid Pluto Roxy Sam Trixie Winston Zoey
List B
Names Austen Bella Charlie Daisy Elvis Fluffy Gizmo Holly Iago Jasmine Kobi
Lucy Murphy Nadina Oscar Princess Rocky Sophie Toby Winnie Zeus

Historic Tropical Cyclone Names - North Doglantic

2005 - 2012

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Andy Alayna Aiden Anne Andy Alayna Aiden Ava
Bernadette Bobby Brooke Ben Bernadette Bobby Brooke Ben
Clyde Chelsea Clark Crystal Clyde Chelsea Cris Crystal
Daisy Dexter Destiny Derek Daisy Dave Destiny Derek
Edwin Elizabeth Emmett Emery Evan Elizabeth Erik Emery
Filipa Franky Fanny Finn Fabianne Franky Fanny Finn
Gavin Gaia Gerard Gladys Gavin Gaia Gerard Gladys
Heather Hussein Harriet Heath Heather Hamm Harriet Heath
Isham Ivana Ivan Isa Ian Ivana Ivan Isa
Jane Jared Joy Jay Jane Jared Jennifer Joe
Kipp Kerri Kenny Karla Kipp Kara Kenny Karla
Lucy Lucas Loretta Louis Lucy Lucas Loretta Linus
Maxwell Malley Murphy Mary Maxwell Malley Mylo Mary
Nanette Nico Natalie Nolan Naomi Nico Natalie Nolan
Orton Oprah Odin Olinda Orton Oprah Odin Olive
Pandora Preston Penelope Patrick Pandora Preston Penelope Patrick
Quinn Quinta Quentin Quenna Quinn Quinta Quentin Quenna
Rafika Ricardo Rhea Ronald Ramona Ricardo Regina Ronald
Sherman Sydney Shane Suzanne Spencer Stella Shane Suzanne
Tilli Tate Tessa Trace Tilli Tate Tessa Trace
Ulysses Una Umberto Ulla Ulysses Una Umberto Uma
Vanna Vaughn Virginia Vincenzo Vanna Vaughn Virginia Vincenzo
Wally Winter Watson Wynnie Wally Winter Watson Wynnie
Xabrina Xavi Xara Xenos Xabrina Xavi Xara Xenos
Yoshi Yvette Yusef Yasmin Yoshi Yvette Yusef Yasmin
Zahara Zach Ziva Zane Zahara Zach Zelene Zane
Abigail Amelia Abram Abram Amelia Amelia Abram Antonio
Beverly Beverly Brody Brody Beverly Belinda Brody Brody
Cassandra Cassandra Chester Charles Cassandra Cassandra Charles Charles
Darlene Darlene Dawson Dawson Darlene Darlene Donovan Donovan
Eleanor Eleanor Edgar Edgar Emmy Elliot Elliot
Farrah Farrah Fallon Fallon Farrah Fallon Fallon
Ginny Ginny Gareth Glenn Ginny Glenn Glenn
Holly Holly Hal Hal Holly Hal Hal
Indigo Ilias Ilias Isadora Ilias Iago
Jean Jacob Jacob Jean Jacob Jacob
Kayleigh Kareem Kareem Kylie Kareem Khalil
Lorelei Leland Lorelei Luke Luke
Margaret Maddox Margaret Maddox Maddox
Noreen Norwell Nina Norwell Nelson
Olympia Oswald Olympia Oswald Oswald
Poppy Percival Poppy Pascal Pascal
Queenie Quigley Quigley Quigley
Reagan Rodney Rodney Robert
Shannon Sheldon Steven Steven
Tasha Travis Travis Troy
Undine Ugo Ugo
Vidal Vidal

2013 - 2020

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Andy Alayna Aiden Ava Andy Alayna Aiden Ava
Bernadette Bryan Brooke Ben Belle Bryan Brooke Ben
Clyde Cassie Cris Crystal Clyde Cassie Cris Crystal
Daisy Dave Denise Derek Daisy Dave Denise Derek
Evan Elizabeth Erik Emery Evan Elina Erik Emery
Fabianne Franky Fanny Finn Fabianne Franky Fern
Grant Giselle Gerard Gladys Grant Giselle Gerard
Heather Hamm Hannah Hank Haley Hamm Hannah
Ian Ivana Ivan Isa Ian Ivana Ivan
Jill Jeremy Jennifer Joe Jill Jeremy Janette
Karson Kara Kion Katie Karson Kara Kion
Lucy Lucas Liza Linus Lily Lucas Liza
Mason Malley Mylo Mary Mason Malley Mylo
Naomi Nico Natalie Nolan Naomi Nathan Natalie
Orton Oprah Odin Olive Oliver Oprah Odin
Patsy Preston Penelope Patrick Patsy Petie Penny
Quinn Quinta Quentin Quenna Quinn Quinta Quentin
Ramona Ricardo Rosalie Ronald Ramona Ricardo Rosalie
Scott Stella Shane Sierra Scott Selena Shane
Tilli Tom Tessa Trace Tilli Tom Taylor
Ulysses Una Umberto Uma Ulysses Una Umberto
Vanna Vaughn Virginia Vladimir Venus Vaughn Val
Wally Winter Wagner Wynnie Wally Winter Will
Xabrina Xerxes Xara Xenos Xabrina Xerxes Xara
Yoshi Yvette Yorath Yasmin Yoshi Yvette Yorath
Zahara Zach Zelene Zane Zahara Zach Zelene
Amelia Amelia Antonio Antonio Avery Avery Anthony
Belinda Belinda Brody Brent Belinda Bianca Bianca
Cassandra Callie Carter Carter Callie Callie Carter
Delilah Delilah Donovan Donovan Delilah Delilah Delilah
Emmy Emmy Elliot Elliot Emmy Emmy Elliot
Farrah Farrah Flynn Flynn Felicity Felicity Felicity
Gabi Gabi Glenn Gabriel Grace Grace Gabriel
Holly Holly Hayden Hayden Holly Harper Harper
Isadora Ira Iago Isaiah Ira Idalia Isaiah
Jean Jean Jacob Jacob Jean Jean Jessica
Kylie Kylie Khalil Kelsey Kelsey Khalil
Lorelei Leah Luke Leah Lauren Lauren
Mallory Mallory Miguel Mallory Mallory Miguel
Nina Nina Nelson Nina Nadia Nadia
Olympia Olympia Oswald Opal Opal Oswald
Pearl Pam Pam Pam Paige
Queenie Quella Quella Quella Quigley
Rosanna Raquelle Raquelle Ruby Ruby
Shannon Shannon Sadie Sadie Steven
Tasha Tasha Tasha Tiffany Tracy
Undine Ursa Ursa Ursa Ugo
Violet Violet Violet Violet
Winona Winona Winona Wesley
Xenia Xenia Xenia
Yolo Yolo Yolo
Zola Zena

North Pupific

2019 2020 2021 2022
Abby Inez (unused) Roxy (unused) Daisy (unused)
Bailey Jake (unused) Sam (unused) Elvis (unused)
Chloe Kira (unused) Trixie (unused) Fluffy (unused)
Duke Louie (unused) Winston (unused) Gizmo (unused)
Emma Molly (unused) Zoey (unused) Holly (unused)
Fido Nemo (unused) Austen (unused) Iago (unused)
Ginger Orchid (unused) Bella (unused) Jasmine (unused)
Harley Pluto (unused) Charlie (unused) Kobi (unused)

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