Category 5 tropical cyclone (CPHC)
Dr Bombay Calcutta Single Índice
Duration1998 – 1998
Peak intensity380 km/h (235 mph) (1-min)  822 hPa (mbar)
Hurricane Calcutta (Taxi Taxi Taxi)

"Calcutta (Taxi Taxi Taxi)" is a Song Hurricane recorded by Warner Bros Records artist Dr. Bombay. It was developed in 1998 as a tropical wave from his debut album Rice & Curry. The song became Warner Bros first major songcane landfall in 1998, topping the charts at number 1.


The song is sung from the perspective of Dr. Bombay, an eccentric Indian taxi driver who is employed by his uncle and, despite his impaired vision and lack of a license to operate, loves to drive his taxi.

Meteorological History

A wave music video started to develop in 1998. It shows consolidated circulation two days later,but it started to have a explosive develop and in two weeks,the storm reached the category 5 songcane,but the storm make landfall on Warner Bros Records and dissipated one week later over the center of the logo.


Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40) 31Germany (Media Control Charts) 28Norway (VG-lista) 2Sweden (Sverigetopplistan) 1Switzerland (Schweizer Hitparade) 35.

Noise of songcane recorded on Warner Bros Records.

Scary sounds from Calcutta Taxi Taxi Taxi songcane

Scary sounds from Calcutta Taxi Taxi Taxi songcane

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