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"Supercane" Hurricane Nestor (2019 to 1979 Atlantic hurricane season (SDTWFC What Might Have Been)
1979 Atlantic hurricane season (What-might-have-been) to 1994 Atlantic hurricane season (Sass's version)
1994 Delkraneiyia Hurricane Season to 2003 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Improved Version - Alpha)
2003 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Vile) to 2010 Pacific Hurricane Season(Fargoniac)
2010 Pacific Hurricane Season(Lucarius WMHB) to 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season (ClassDojo)
2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Danilo's Edition) to 2016-17 South Atlantic cyclone season (Steve)
2016-17 South Atlantic cyclone season (StrawberryMaster) to 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season(topkek Lucarius WMHB)
2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season/New Version to 2018-19 Baltic storm season (Andreka)
2018-19 Cosmo's house snow season to 2018 Hurricane Season (my way)
2018 Hurricane Season by Banana to 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Remade Version)
2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Remastered) to 2019 What-Might-Have-Been Atlantic Hurricane Season (Dez)
2019 What-might-have-been Atlantic Hurricane Season (Sebastian's Ve... to 2020 Hypothetical Pacific Typhoon Season (Sebastian's Version)
2020 Hypothetical Pacific Typhoon Season (Ssspp1) to 2021 Atlantic hurricane season (Sandy156)
2021 Atlantic hurricane season (Ssspp1 - Future Series) to 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season (HurricaneSmarts)
2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season (KB) to 2029 Atlantic Hurricane Season(Lucarius Future Series)
2029 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Akio) to 2040 Atlantic hurricane season (Ryne/B-Day Gift for Steven)
2040 Atlantic hurricane season (Ryne/Gift for Andrew444) to 2064 Atlantic hurricane season(Cardozo)
2064 Atlantic hurricane season (AGCK) to 2145 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Force-Fifteen's Edition)
2145 Atlantic hurricane season (Randomized Names) to 5500 Atlantic Hurricane Season (THG)
5618-e Hurricane Season to CMC Hurricane Center/Usercane Advisories
COWCOWLOVER's List of retired Nintendo hurricane names to Erasicane Pat
Erasicane Riley to HTs Meteorological Center (HTMC)/25A.BRADLEY
HTs Meteorological Center (HTMC)/Advisories/Alaskan Arctic/2019-20/... to Hurricane Cindy (Cooper)
Hurricane Clare (2020) to Hurricane Gary (2000 - CycloneMC)
Hurricane Gary (CycloneMC) to Hurricane Joy
Hurricane Joy (2044) to Hurricane Omar (2020, HHJ)
Hurricane Omega to Hurricane matt
Hurricane norman to List of Retired Atlantic Hurricanes Names (Hitman)
List of Retired Hurricane Names (SDTWFC) to New 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season
New Atlantic Invest 90L Discussion to Sheer Systems
Simcity Hurricanes Seasons to Tropical Cyclone Enawo (Garfield's Prediction)
Tropical Cyclone Lola (2178) to Typhoon Bob
Typhoon Bubba to Über World Destroyer Doomsday Hyper Mini Black Hole Puffle
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