The Super New England Hurricane
Category 5 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Temporary cyclone north
FormedOctober 7, 1956
DissipatedOctober 31, 1956
Highest winds1-minute sustained:
190 mph (305 km/h)
Lowest pressure869 mbar (hPa); 25.66 inHg
Areas affectedThe Entire Northeast Coast, Canada, South Carolina
Part of the 1956 Atlantic hurricane season

The Super New England Hurricane, or Hurricane East (it's original name was Kate), is the strongest and most dangerous hurricane to hit New York. It attacked with winds between 175-180 mph after intensifying from the remnants of Hurricane Lane.

Meteorological history

The hurricane started as a depression near the Cape Verde Islands. It intensified gradually while turning WNW to the east coast. It further intensified into a tropical storm. With moderate winds of 50 mph, the storm slowly slid the Virgin Islands, and curved NW. It intensified rapidly near the South Carolina coast into a strong Category 3 hurricane. It briefly made landfall on the coast (not certain where it hit but it hit) with 126.3 mph winds. It was announced a Category 4 after entering the ocean again. Former Hurricane Lane, came near the storm. It came so close that it was absorbed by Hurricane East. East then continued to intensify and became a Category 5 hurricane. The hurricane busted through New Jersey, with winds reported to be 175-170 mph and gusts reached 201.5-202 mph. It pounded New York with intensified winds of 185-190 mph winds. The gusts broke the gauge at 225 mph. The entire state was destroyed. East then moved into Canada and became a extratropical storm with winds of 156.5-157 mph winds. It died out near Alaska.