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    11:33, September 14, 2019

    so I got the idea from Yokai from osc


    A man was killed by a chicken

    The chicken was snapped by Thanos

    Thanos was punched by a boxer

    And so on...

    Let’s start

    DIE was obliterated by a hurricane.

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    • The hurricane got torn to pieces by wind shear.

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    • Wind shear was destroyed by a random person

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    • Random person got taken into the woods by slenderman. That person was never seen again.

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    • Slenderman was eaten by a Carcharodontosaurus.

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    • Aqurbezekouzir crushes the carchardontosaurus with boulders the size of planets!!

      (The Aqurbezekouzir is an animal with 10 to the one hundredth power legs, 100 to the ten thousandth power tails, and 10,000,000 to the ten billionth power heads. It is a very dangerous animal from folklore that destroys everything in its path, who was defeated by Welalster. It is simply known as a destroyer creature that destroys.)

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    • Aqurbezekouzir was eradicated from existence by the timeline.

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    • The timeline, because the aqurbezokouzir was erased from existence, caused ALL of existence to be wiped out, which means the timeline and the ENTIRE UNIVERSE collapsed into nothingness due to everything not existing.

      It would take another ten billion years for another big bang to occur, creating a second universe, and all life on Earth (including this thread) starts from square one all over again.

      A rock has just been crushed by a human.

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    • The human was crushed by a bigger rock

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