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Typhoon Chaba (Caloy)

Meteorological History

Category 3 tropical cyclone (SSHWS)
DurationApril 25 – May 6
Peak intensity185 km/h (115 mph) (10-min)  965 hPa (mbar)

Typhoon Chaba (Caloy) was a deadly and destructive Category 3 typhoon that affected parts of the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia during the 2022 pacific typhoon season. The system made a total of 9 landfalls making its final landfall in southern Vietnam. Typhoon Chaba (Caloy) caused a total of 610 deaths, 86 in the Philippines, 168 in Vietnam, and 356 in Cambodia. Chaba (Caloy) caused the worst floods in Cambodia's history when it stalled over the country as a tropical depression. The system caused $16.8 billion USD in damages across the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Impacts and Retirement by the WMO

Typhoon Chaba (Caloy) hit the southern Philippines, near Siargao Island and Cebu in areas which are still recovering from Super Typhoon Rai (Odette), the second costliest typhoon in Philippines history, hindering the recovery effort. The storm made its final landfall in Vietnam as a Category 3 typhoon. The system caused many of the weak structures in the area to collapse and caused many landslides to occur. The system caused its greatest impacts and devastation in Cambodia, where it stalled as a tropical depression causing the worst floods seen in the country's history. Typhoon Chaba (Caloy) caused hundreds of deaths due to drowning and landslides in Cambodia. Due to the deadliness and notability of Typhoon Chaba (Caloy) the WMO has decided to retire it from the naming list, the international name will be replaced with Colin for the 2026 typhoon season and the Philippine name will be replaced with Chan for the 2026 typhoon season.

Track and Intensity

On April 25 the JMA and JTWC both noticed the formation of a Tropical Depression, which became 03W (Caloy) and then was named Chaba later that day when it became a tropical storm. The system moved swiftly westward through areas of the Philippines that had been devastated by Super Typhoon Rai 5 months before making a total of 8 landfalls in the Philippines. It continued to move westwards into the South China Sea, where sea surface temperatures were reaching 27 degrees Celsius at the time, it slowed down off the coast of Vietnam and strengthened into a Category 3 typhoon briefly before weakening back into a Category 2. It then made its final landfall in southern Vietnam as a Category 2 typhoon on the 30th of April before quickly weakening into a tropical depression as the mountainous regions ripped parts of it apart. It survived as a tropical depression into Cambodia, where it caused the worst floods in Cambodia's history and caused the deaths of over 350 people, it then performed 2 clockwise loops slowly before it finally died off on May the 6th.