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An Introduction


Watch out for strong vibes! :^)

Hello gamers, and welcome to my fabulous userpage. Included in this page slightly reminiscent of the glorious Geocities era of the internet is information you may find relevant regarding yours truly, astrohuncho the great (user-name formerly 'Astronomicalunits.')

There's (probably) all the usual stuff you will find in a normal HHW userpage, but maybe some more stuff not usually included! Find out what's included in this incredible userpage by scrolling down, you useless dro—I mean gamer. ;)

P.S. this is best viewed on desktop

Fun facts


Did you know that:

  • astrohuncho considers userboxes archaic and a waste of time. as such there are none on this monument of a userpage.
  • astrohuncho is also particularly interested in manners pertaining to the following mysterious fields: "space exploration," "politics," and "basketball." if you strike up a conversation with him on one of these, he will likely begin rambling.
  • astrohuncho's favorite emoji is the moai (pictured on the right).
  • in case you could not tell, astrohuncho loves overdoing things!
  • astrohuncho first encountered this wiki via an image search (the image; the originating page) on september the ninth, year of our lord two thousand and seventeen. credit to the homie hype, you da man.
  • astrohuncho is a man of quality. as such he chooses from now on to drop his seasons in one night (no sections left unfilled; work done beforehand—like duh).
  • astrohuncho thinks WMHBs (what-might-have-beens) are boring, sad, and an excuse for people to produce (relatively) lame content.
  • astrohuncho lives in california and considers it to be the superior state. take that ohioans!

More may be added to this list in the future. However astrohuncho dont caare.


All planned individual storm articles relating to a planned season are not separated from the latter but listed in the entry for the latter. Hope that may clear something up :^)

huncho era

thanksgiving 2019 -- ? (proj.)


Work in progress/Planned

  • Bruh Season - 2031 :: Blog post is right here → WOOP :: iota, pablo, rachael out :: dylan coming july 4 :: september 28. 2020
  • Untitled Cyclone Sim DB project :: one time i left my computer on and it simmed from 1979-2143 :: do not count on this coming out at all :: i will at times work on this pretty low-key :: no planned release date

pre-huncho era

september 9 2017 -- early 2018


Not in chronological order; check edit dates for that.

'Relationship' list/tier rankings are sad!

Why even do these tier rankings? I respect everyone in this great place called "Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki," right? So why do I have to show any type of favoritism—any type? So I will not bother. Everyone in this place is a homie. End of story.

A conclusion

Sadly, internet user "<insert name here>," I have to leave you here. Doesn't mean this wasn't epic, right?


"tell me astrohuncho the great" - Sassmaster15
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