aka Bob or Bobbeh

  • I live in The United States
  • I was born on December 11
  • My occupation is Hurricane Tracker
  • I am Male
Hurricane Bob High Res AVHRR

My namesake!

Hello HHW Visitor! Welcome to the user page of Bobnekaro, a former long-time bureaucrat of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki! 

Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Maysak Geostationary VIS-IR 2015 Usercane Bob Track
DurationSeptember 8, 2015 – Currently Active
Peak intensity70 mph (110 km/h) (1-min)  933 mbar (hPa)

About Me

My name is Bobnekaro. I am a former bureaucrat of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki! I served as part of the HHW administration for over four years, from October 2015 to January 2020. I was a bureaucrat from April 2016 to January 2020, aside from a brief period in September 2016. I still visit the wiki on occasion, but am no longer very active.

My HHW History

Happy Birthday HHW. Let's celebrate with the birth of a potentially epic storm.

Bobnekaro, September 28, 2016
Before I joined this wiki, my hurricane interest was mostly seasonal, and I paid little attention to the tropics outside of peak season. On September 7, 2015, knowing that the 2015 season was likely going to be yet another inactive season, I searched "2016 Atlantic hurricane season" on Google out of curousity about what the upcoming season will be like. I stumbled upon this page, which led me to this wiki. I realized that as soon as I discovered this place, I would love it. I then joined this wiki the next day, September 8, to make my hypothetical seasons. I didn't think I would last more than one season at first. But I eventually became very active on the wiki. Despite this, I didn't come in chat until late October. I always loved tracking hurricanes, but I was extremely dissatisfied with the Atlantic Hurricane Seasons of 2013-15. They were just boring. I'm an Atlantic guy; the Atlantic is the only basin I really follow. My favorite storm ever is Hurricane Matthew of 2016, with Hurricane Alex a close second. I am obsessed with hurricanes and weather in general (but I'm not very interested in tornadoes and tornado outbreaks, so I won't have much to say on them). I also have created my own wikis, Hypothetical Sports Wiki, Hypothetical Diseases Wiki , Hypothetical Airplanes Wiki and the Hypothetical TV Shows and Movies Wiki.

I also invented the concepts of the Antihurricane and Usercane. I am also a proud member of Team La Niña!


Hurricane Ivan 13 sept 2004 1900Z Bobnekaro is a former bureaucrat of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. This means he/she was incredibly intense, like a category 5 hurricane.
21 This user is 21 years old
LA NINA Bobnekaro is a member of Team La Niña.
North Atlantic Basin Bobnekaro likes the Atlantic basin best.
December Bobnekaro has a December bias.
Snowflake Bobnekaro likes snow and cold weather, and will get triggered when he does not get as much snow as he wants.
JULY Bobnekaro has a July bias, and thinks the month is very unfavorable in the Atlantic basin due to Saharan Air Layer and strong trade winds.


My activity scale is based on the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO). La Niña means I am active while El Niño means I am not.

Schedule: Occasional appearances between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. on most days.
Former Bureaucrat
Weak La Niña

Current rating: Weak La Niña (can change)

Activity type Amount of Time Current Rating
Very Strong El Niño
DONE. No chance of returning. I'm in this stage if I am gone FOREVER with nearly no chance of ever returning. This is basically "ABSOLUTE RETIREMENT."
Strong El Niño
Interest has decreased, or I am way too busy off-wiki to contribute here. In this stage I am mostly retired, although there is still a chance I may return to being a very active user at some point.
Moderate El Niño In this stage, I am semi-retired from the wiki, real-life events prevent me from being active, or I am taking a long break from the wiki. I will stop in from time to time at this stage, but I will not be very active at all. No
Weak El Niño Uh oh! El Nino has formed! At this stage, I make edits every few weeks, and am nearing semi-retirement. This stage may happen during the Atlantic offseason. I still edit from time to time, but my activity is fairly limited. However, I will be available if you need me. No
Neutral ENSO is neutral! In this stage, I come on from time to time about once a week or so. At this stage I'm still semi-active, but I won't be on every day. However, at this rating, there is a good chance I will become fully active again at some point. No
Weak La Niña Real-life events, such as school, limit me from being fully active on this wiki. However, I am still very interested, and edit several times a week, appearing on average about 5-7 days each week. In this stage, I'm either starting to become active or starting to go inactive. Yes
Moderate La Niña
At this rating, I am fairly active, editing most days. I'm on Discord quite frequently, but not all the time. On average with this rating I edit every day, but may not make many seasons or new pages. However, I am still very interested in the wiki, and am not close to going inactive.
Strong La Niña
This is probably my most common rating. In this rating, I'm on for an average of 3-5 hours a day, every day without missing any days. On days where I have college classes, I'm always on Discord when I don't have classes. However, college or other events limit me from being extremely active.
Very Strong La Niña
A fairly uncommon rating, except over the summer. In this stage, I am on every day for over 5 hours a day. "Low wind shear" allows me to be extremely active! My hurricane interest is as strong as it will ever be. I make a lot of seasons, and om on Discord nearly all day. I am most commonly in this stage on Summer Break when I am not on vacation, on Christmas Break, or Spring Break.
Modoki El Niño During this stage, I am only going to have limited access to HHW. I am most likely on vacation, family is visiting or I am suffering through an internet outage. In most cases I will be able to check HHW some, but I won't be able to spend a lot of time on HHW if I'm in a Modoki El Niño. No

Bob Nekaro Weather Center


The logo of BNWC

I have my own weather center called the Bob Nekaro Weather Center. It forecasts Atlantic hurricanes, Arctic cyclones as well as HHW usercanes.

My Own Individual Storms

Note: All of my seasons and storms so far are Atlantic, except for the 2016 Pacific Hurricane Season!
  • Hurricane Walter (2016 season) - unusual hurricane that interferes with many peoples' Christmas plans
  • Superstorm Colindana (2022 season) - a hybrid hurricane/antihurricane without tropical characteristics
  • Hurricane Annie (2045 season) - unusual and early hurricane that developed from a winter storm
  • Hurricane Hermine (2016 season) - Deadly storm that devastated North Carolina
  • Hurricane Jim (2031 season) - A "surprise hurricane" that reached category 5 status in only 2 days of existence
  • Hurricane Rhett (part of 2071 collab season) - An interesting hurricane named after Rhett McLaughlin from Good Mythical Morning.
  • Hurricane Arthur (2038 season) - Crazy hurricane that traveled across the entire Northern Hemisphere. Made over a dozen landfalls throughout its time as a hurricane.
  • Hurricane Cam - A special storm I made in honor of Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers for reaching the Super Bowl.
  • Hurricane Pi (31415 season) - The title is self-explanatory. 
  • Hurricane Marco-Polo - An odd basin crossing storm.
  • Tropical Storm Ward (2104 season) - Crazy tropical storm that moves all over the Atlantic for over 2 months, but never reaches hurricane strength - despite having a pressure of 969 mbar!
  • Hurricane Debby (2018-Bob's new version) - A hurricane that peaks as a Category 1 in the Gulf of Mexico.

2019 Atlantic hurricane season gallery

A gallery of the storms of the previous Atlantic hurricane season, the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season.


What month will Arthur form in during 2020?

The poll was created at 22:32 on January 11, 2020, and so far 6 people voted.

Live Seasons

I currently have no active live seasons at the moment.

My Own Seasons

  • 2050 Pacific hurricane season - Being a fan of the Atlantic, I don't like the Pacific very much, so I made this season quite inactive. Only has 4 named storms and one category 1 hurricane.

Storms I have Experienced

I survived...

  • 2003 - Hurricane Isabel
  • 2004 - Tropical Storm Bonnie
  • 2004 - Tropical Storm Charley (I wasn't there when it happened, but it hit me)
  • 2005 - Hurricane Ophelia
  • 2006 - Tropical Storm Alberto
  • 2007 - Tropical Storm Barry (Post-Tropical)
  • 2008 - Tropical Storm Hanna
  • 2011 - Hurricane Irene
  • 2011 - Tropical Storm Lee (Remnants)
  • 2012 - Tropical Storm Beryl
  • 2013 - Tropical Storm Andrea
  • 2014 - Hurricane Arthur
  • 2015 - Tropical Storm Ana
  • 2016 - Tropical Storm Bonnie
  • 2016 - Tropical Storm Hermine
  • 2016 - Tropical Storm Julia (Remnants)
  • 2016 - Hurricane Matthew
  • 2017 - Potential Tropical Cyclone Ten
  • 2017 - Remnants of Hurricane Harvey
  • 2017 - Tropical Storm Nate
  • 2018 - Subtropical Storm Alberto
  • 2018 - Hurricane Florence
  • 2018 - Tropical Storm Michael
  • 2019 - Hurricane Dorian
  • 2019 - Remnants of Tropical Storm Nestor
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