Danilo Evangelista

aka Danilo Evangelista

  • I live in Big Apple
  • I was born on February 18
  • My occupation is Studying Weather
  • I am Male

Hello all who visit this page! My name is Danilo Evangelista and I like tracking Weather, specifically hurricanes! A little snack story, everything seems to be happening so quick at a young age. I am 13 years old and I have a YouTube channel about the weather. Here is the link:

I actually visited the Wiki around 2017 - 2018 before finally deciding to start here officially in Mid-March of last year. However, I was only 12 so I left for 7 months in July. But now I am back and I'm back to stay so for those who need or want to contact me, I will be sure to try to answer as soon as possible.

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