FM Cube

aka Cube101 or just Cube

Nearly Dissipated
  • I live in South Florida
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is School
  • I am Male

This userpage is going under renovation for an indefinite amount of time so don't be surprised to see it messed up sometimes.

Hello <insert name here>, want to know something epic?

1989 Romanian Revolution


Welcome to my profile. I'm Cube101, or more simply known as Cube. I am mainly on discord, posting on the forums, and working on my hurricane seasons. Feel free to surf through my profile page, and if you have any questions and/or concerns, post on the wall, and I will make sure to reply ASAP. Quick Tip: You could also skip around by using the box below "My Status".



*ATL Seasons: None at the moment*

*WPac Seasons: None at the moment*

*Orion Bay Hurricane Seasons: 2000, 2006*

*Live OB Seasons: 2019*

Category Description
Category 5 Hurricane I am on chat and editing every day a week. (Very rare)
Category 4 Hurricane I am on chat every day and editing 6-7 days a week. (Rare)
Category 3 Hurricane I am on chat every day and editing 4-5 days a week. (Rare during school season)
Category 2 Hurricane I am on chat every day and editing up to 3 days a week.
Category 1 Hurricane I am on chat every day but not editing.
Tropical Storm I am on chat 4-6 days a week but not editing.
Tropical Depression I am on chat up to 3 days a week but not editing.
Tropical Invest I am taking a hiatus, or am returning from the "Dissipated" stage.
Dissipated I have left the wiki and may never return.

Currently a: Dissipated


User: January 24, 2018
Autopatrolled: If ever
CM: If ever
Rollback: If ever
JA: If ever
Admin: If ever
Bureaucrat: If ever

Hurricanes I have survived

Katrina (Category 1)

Rita (Category 1?)

Wilma (Category 3)

Matthew (Category 3?)

Irma (Category 3)

My usercane

Tropical userstorm (NUC)
Cube January 2018 
DurationJanuary 24 – Active
Peak intensity50 mph (85 km/h) (1-min)  995 mbar (hPa)

Tropical Storm Cube

Usercane at peak intensity------------------------------------->

Full article about my usercane here (Credits to Sassmaster15 for the description): Tropical Userstorm Cube

Random Userboxes

Atl this user likes the Atlantic basin best.
La Niña This user is part of Team La Niña.
15 This user is 15 years old
Name Bias This user does not like the name Fernand, but loves the names Nicholas and Ian.
Bruh This user says "bruh" the most on discord.
Eng-N1 This user is a native speaker of English and uses it as his first language.
x x
Esp-N2 Este usuario es un hablante nativo de español, pero lo usa como su segundo idioma.

Here are some of my friends.

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Lucarius- A JA who is also friendly and likes to make seasons across different basins.

Roy- An admin who is sad and active. I also used to use the trigger command on him before that died.

Farm- Another nice admin from the Philippines who has about 900 edits per week, also active on chat. APPLE

HH- A user who mainly posts on the wiki forums and the Discord Chat.

Caleb - A CM who thinks that HH stole his concept of "jail".

Giedrius - A RB from Lithuania who is friendly and fun to talk to on chat. Is apparently triggered by a thumbs-up emoji.

Hype- The most experienced admin on the wiki, took control of the wiki in 2014 and since then the wiki has had more than 6,000 pages added on to it. Also likes to mess with my nickname on chat.

Harvey- A user who likes to trigger people.

Gary- A user who has strange nicknames on chat.

SM- A sad bureaucrat who likes to help out other users and protect the wiki from vandalism. He also claims that I'm part of his "secret fan club" for some reason.

Garfield - Also known as "Pory", he's a bureaucrat who is nice to talk to in chat and likes to hit me with C5's in all of his seasons.

Will - A CM who makes good sims and good seasons overall.

Please don't edit any of my pages. It would be very kindly appreciated if you didn't do so. (Of course administrators can still go in and change what they need to, but no one else should edit my articles.)

My sandbox can be found right here.

My Hypoverse sandbox (where I keep all my timelines) can be found using this link.

Atlantic Hurricane Seasons

The classic ATL hurricane seasons are found here. (Shame I only have two done.)

2018: 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season (FM Cube)

2021: 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season (FM Cube)

Orion Bay Hurricane Seasons

Orion Bay is a fictional basin which was discontinued for Terrion.

2000: 2000 Orion Bay Hurricane Season (Cube)

2019: 2019 Orion Bay Hurricane Season (Cube)(Live)

Terrion Hurricane Seasons

My newest Series. Terrion is a fictional planet that is similar to Earth in climate.

2016: 2016 Terrion Northern Hemisphere Hurricane Season

2018: 2018 Terrion Northern Hemisphere Hurricane Season

2019: 2019 Terrion Northern Hemisphere Hurricane Season (Live)

2020 LIVE: 2020 Terrion Northern Hemisphere Hurricane Season (Live)

Other Seasons

Miscellaneous Seasons. Fun fact: The 2017 Extratropicane Season was my first Season that I created and posted on HHW.

2017 Extratropicane Season: 2017 Atlantic Extratropicane Season

2019 Eurocane Season: 2019 Eurocane Season (Cube)

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