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  • I live in Republic of Lithuania
  • I was born on January 20
  • My occupation is Silly person
  • I am Dragonsaur


i am (not) sans now.

wait i'm supposed to be serious?

hang on a minute

Wait, I'm supposed to have stuff written here?


Hello HHW Visitor, I'm Giedrius (but you can call me Velociraptor or Toothless or Asriel or Ralsei or Deku or Izuku) and I'm happy to be here on HHW, possibly working alongside you for making hypo spinny clouts! I've been here since June of 2018, and have been a part of the administrative team since late October of 2018. My favorite storm is the storm that really got me into tropical cyclones - Hurricane Irma, also the first Category 5 I have ever tracked. I hope you have a good time at HHW like I do, and uh, bon voyage!

I don't know what else to write here, so uh

If you want to talk to me about anything, write on my lovely Comic Sans (heh, sans) flashing orange colored ordinary message wall, or directly message/ping me on Discord!

I can talk about a lot of topics, but my top priority topic right now is commieblocks How To Train Your Dragon movies Undertale ok it's How To Train Your Dragon again possibly anime? Do I have the wrong script? Definitely anime, in particular My Hero Academia. Also I can't be sans now.

So any more stuff to cover?

Oh yeah stuff

As you may see, I like good comedy. Or maybe not. Or maybe yes. Or maybe I will stretch this argument to infinity and beyond? Also I don't like text structure. Or maybe I do. Also I love writing long and over-detailed things, from storm descriptions to school work assignment stories!

So uh.. Oh yes, I live in a sad Northern/Eastern European country known as Lithuania. (It's not really sad)

And I run my own pretty detailed hypo basin called Danula - check it out, it can get quite extreme at times!


Visible imagery of James at peak intensity as it becomes the strongest and most intense Danulean storm on record, with a windspeed of 215 mph and a pressure of 870 mbar - 18Z, September 22nd 2019.

IR BD imagery of James at peak intensity as it becomes the strongest and most intense Danulean storm on record, with a windspeed of 215 mph and a pressure of 870 mbar - 18Z, September 22nd 2019.

Also I don't like winter. I WANT SUMMER HEAT REEEEEE (but not too much otherwise I'll melt)

Now for some random stuff, mostly animated images by me:


Remember kids, Cindy 2023 was a failicia and a Colin repeat!


Remember kids, Arlene 2023 was a Category 5!


Remember kids, Vince 2023 had an extremely badly defined circulation!


Remember kids, Lee 2023 was a sadness!


Remember kids, Kenneth is doomed to be a Category 4 even in 2035!


Remember kids, the North Indian Ocean is silly even in hypos!

My silly usercane timeline, just to add yet more random mess to this page

Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale
Chris 2018-07-10 1815Z GiedriusforCat5 is a rollback of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki, which means they are like a Category 2 hurricane.
lit-lvl 4 GiedriusforCat5 pakankamai gerai išmano lietuvių kalbą.
eng-lvl 4 GiedriusforCat5 has relatively good knowledge of the english language.
North Atlantic Basin GiedriusforCat5 likes the Atlantic basin best.
LA NIÑA GiedriusforCat5 is a member of Team La Niña.

My articles

Real world hypothetical - ATL, EPAC, and others (TS/HU/MH)

Danulean Basin (LWS TS/LWS HU/LWS MH)

Real world What Might Have Been seasons - ATL, EPAC, and others (TS/HU/MH)

Misc (doesn't fit into any category)

entries in italics contain contributions from other users (descriptions, etc)

Anime I've watched

Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) + Futari no Hero (Two Heroes) - very good (favorite character: Midoriya Izuku)

Neon Genesis Evangelion + End of Evangelion - definitely interesting and intriguing, but I liked them (favorite character: no)

Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) - very good (favorite character: tie between Kamado Tanjiro and Tomioka Giyu)


I don't have any, hah

just kidding

Since I don't want to make anyone feel left out, just add yourself instead! one adds themselves...

Except FCX and Lucarius! Janley and Tuba came too! Sassy, Cardozo, and Cube observed from a distance. Farm blocked your way. Kiko.. I don't know how they got here. I guess they just appeared.

  • FCX - Insert description here (good user, animates some of my seasons for me which is totally not forced labor)
  • Lucarius - He's a weeb with a good few biases xD (the one true king of Colorado, also the one to blame for my anime addiction lol) (a lovely friend too :P)
  • Farmblah - A silly Philippine man which has few biases and an edit king of HHW. (Farm please, is this your 42069th edit)
  • Janley - Janley (mediterranean wishcaster)
  • Tuba III - Tuba is an interesting user who is obsessed with something called "tuba golotky". Otherwise, he seems nice enough too, and is a fairly good editor. (Tuba should not write about himself in third person. Tuba jelly.)
  • Sassy - Gied declared me to be his bestie, so of course I deserve a spot on this list. He thinks my rather average storm descriptions are great, and used to make me write his seasons for him. Bestie and a slave, if you will. (I do not have much more to say, so instead, sans. Todoroki) (kinda inactive tho so oof)
  • Cardozo - A fellow Undertale fan! Likes AUs and all! (Megalo Strike Back noises)
  • Cube - A guy who exists on here and is currently writing a sentence in third person because j. He's also very active on chat. (Cube, stop being a Tuba clone.)
  • Kiko - Quite a strange user which is obsessed with furries for some reason. I have no idea why. (I have nothing to say so I'm just gonna describe Hurricane Kiko of 2019 instead: sine wave Cat 4)

(everyone who isn't included in the list is still a homie, as astrohuncho the great would say)

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