Hi, I don't know how you got here and why, but welcome to my userpage! I'm Harveycane, or rather called by "Harvey" or by my discord usernames. Well, actually I've been going by a different username over on Twitch and several other games, but Harveycane remains my username here and on youtube.

Where has the time gone? I joined in late 2017 when I was die-hard obsessed with hurricanes. I would make seasons over EVERYTHING, even lagging behind on school because of this. Now it's January of 2020, and over two years have passed since then. I've become a completely different person, so different that there are distinct differences between my childish 2017 personality and my rather interesting 2020 personality. If you've been long enough to remember, I was one of the top contributors alongside Bluetiger and others, reaching #19 on the leaderboards on my old account. Now, my edit rate has dropped so low that simply editing is a surprise. I've been really trying to turn this around but the opposite is happening.

And that "opposite" has happened. As of February 2020, I have decided on retirement from the wiki, possibly for good. This time, it's going to last for a while, not for 19 days then I unretire. There is no reason why I would unretire at this point.

Latest news:

The color of each level depicts how the background at the right will look like when I am at that level. The higher levels have higher activity than lower levels.

Keep in mind that the descriptions below are just a possible activity expectation when at that level and are not always accurate. Noting that my activity nowadays is mainly on chat, the chat activity details under these levels may not match, and chat activity could reach up to Level 13 activity.

Because of this, I've divided into chat activity and wiki activity.

Current wiki activity level: Level 0
Current chat level: Level 0

Level 13: A very rare rating. I'm extremely active, I could be on chat nearly the entire day, and possibly editing at a fast rate, making at the most 25 edits a day, or even more (aka editfarming, jk xD).
Level 12: A rare rating, and more likely to happen in summertime, winter break, or other school-off times when I don't have much else to do. I am very active on chat, and I edit frequently. Unlike the above rating, I do take short breaks.
Level 11: I'm very active on chat, and I can edit as high 10 times a day. This is probably the most active I can be if I'm not on summer vacation, winter vacation, you get the idea.
Level 10: A fairly common rating. I'm active on chat, and I usually edit at least a few times a day.
Level 9: This is my most common rating. I'm not on as frequently as the above ratings, but I'm still on every day without missing a day. I am usually active on the Discord. In this rating, I edit at least once every day.
Level 8: A very common rating. I'm on Discord quite frequently, but not all the time. School, or other things such as being busy looking at other websites or real life prevent me from being more active than this. I still remain very interested, and edit at least 5-7 days each week.
Level 7: It's very busy outside of this wiki. I'm not too active, and usually edit about 3-5 days a week. I come on chat infrequently. However, I still remain far from retirement.
Level 6: Off-wiki stuff, including school, real life events and other stuff can take me down to this rating. I can get on for about 2-4 days a week or so and appear on chat occasionally, but I won't be on every day.
Level 5: Uh oh, my activity is downgrading! This rating is given if my interest is going away and I'm at risk of dropping down more levels, or I'm too busy outside the wiki. Typically under level 5, I edit only 1 or 2 days a week. I still stick around to meet my online friends or partake in games or continue with any seasons I may be working on. If I'm not losing interest, this is the most inactive I can be.
Level 4: Now, my interest is reaching a low. Activity here will be limited to an average of only 1 day a week or even less active. I might still edit as much as a few days a week, but that's rare. Any seasons I'm making may be canceled due to losing interest, and I won't partake in games or chat much anymore as well. Wikibreaks are possible at this stage.
Level 3: By this level, I've lost a lot of motivation to stay on the wiki. All seasons I'm currently making may be canceled due to losing interest, and live seasons can come to an end. This stage means I am close to going into semi retirement. Wikibreaks are frequent in this stage.
Level 2: This can be considered a semi-retirement stage. Activity here is meager at best and new edits by me will be an uncommon occurrence. I only edit about once a month, sometimes leaving for as long as 2 months. It's very likely I'll completely leave at one point.
Level 1: Now, if I ever edit, it's only one day every couple months or less often. This wiki is gone from my commonly visited internet websites. I can become Level 0 anytime soon. I can still occasionally linger to visit my online friends again, but that's rare.
Level 0.5: Basically the "Forum-only" or "Chat-only" rating. Unlike the below Level 0 rating, the 0.5 rating means that while I have retired from making seasons/editing on the wiki, I am still active regularly on the Discord chat and/or on the forums (or the other way around). This does NOT necessarily mean I'm fully retired, so don't put me under "Extratropical" status yet. As I divided my activity, this is no longer used,
Level 0: I'm retired from the wiki. If I have this rating, I won't be making any more seasons, and become very inactive on chat (however, in some situations, I'm retired from editing but not from Discord, which would put me under level 0.5 activity). There is still a slight chance I'll regain interest and return though, but that's very unlikely. If I do regain interest, I'll change myself to the "Invest" level and then "Returning" when I return.
Level -1: Unlike the above rating, which still has a slight chance of returning, this rating means there's absolutely no way I'm returning. This rating is only given if my account is closed, I'm blocked indefinitely, or if I die IRL (which would be sad indeed). If you see me under level -1, you've seen me for the last time.
Level Invest: I'm beginning to gain interest after being on Level 0 for a while. I usually don't make frequent edits or come on chat when under this rating. Even though I'm still technically retired, I'm beginning to (hopefully) return to the wiki, although there is a small chance I'll leave again if I lose interest again. This can last from a week to a very long time, while I'm becoming more certain about my decision to return.
Level Returning: A rare rating, in which I've returned to the wiki. It comes after the "Invest" level all the time, and lasts for about a month. During this rating, my editing rate doesn't matter, but it's usually equivalent to between Level 7-10.
Level Hiatus: This rating means I'm on hiatus. I can be in this rating if I am on vacation, I am suffering through an Internet outage, or I am on a lengthy wikibreak/hiatus. I can occasionally go on Discord, but edits are very uncommon. I may not be able to go on at all.

Future hiatuses

  • February (only 1 night), one of the following: 8/9, 14/15 or 22/23: I know this will happen, but I'm not sure when. I'm going to band camp over the course of a single night. I will most likely not be able to respond during this time, assuming that I am not allowed to access HHW in any way. However, its going to be very short, only 2 days.
  • March 12-17, 2020 (possibly confirmed): This one is quite confirmed. I will be going with my band outside the state (to somewhere around Disneyland area?) but I'm sure I will be busy completely during these 6 days. I will have limited or even no time on Discord, and certainly will not edit on the wiki.

Track making: I use GIMP for making tracks. The circles and squares in the tracks are 35, the triangles are 33 (occasionally 25), and the track line size is 3.

Altaria hurricane seasons

Past seasons

Anything 2018 and earlier.

Current hurricane seasons

Basically anything after 2019.

  • 2019 - The first season to be tracked operationally, and the first to use names.

Canceled projects/seasons

Deathicane seasons

Canceled and will forever be.

  • 1964 - A active season that featured Deathicane Katrina, one of the costliest hurricanes at the time.
  • 1970 - One of the least active seasons on record.
  • 1976 - An average season featuring some destructive storms in the early season.
  • 1982 - Inactive
  • 1988 - Unfinished and will forever be.
  • 2012 - Unfinished and will forever be. (Original description: The most active season in 8 years, featuring the ultimately rare Hypercane Wilma, an extremely destructive December storm.)
  • 2017 - Unfinished and will forever be.
  • 2018 - This is the first season of operational forecasting. It is the deadliest, most destructive, the most active season ever, and Sean, a black hole, consumed the universe, ending the deathicane seasons.


EL NINO Harveycane is a member of Team El Niño.
East Pacific Basin Harveycane likes the Eastern Pacific basin best.
TD Six 07-1985 Harveycane is a chat-only user of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki, which means that he/she is currently a tropical depression.

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