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  • I live in misery
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is destroying livers
  • I am bruh

Online Ledgreen     Hello <insert name here>! Welcome to my userpage! Hi! I'm HurricaneBrick, but you can just call me Brick or Mason or stupid, I don't care. I love tracking hurricanes and enjoy making hypothetical seasons. I also play trombone. Quarantine should make me more active, but it isn't. If you need me, just contact me on discord, I'll answer within a day.

Check out my wiki:

Activity type How often? Amount of Time Current Rating
Very Strong El Nino
DONE. No chance of returning.
None. This is ABSOLUTE RETIREMENT. If I ever enter this stage, you've likely seen me for the last time.
Strong El Nino
Likely done, with a slight chance of returning.
None, for now. At this state, I'm likely done with the wiki, but there still is a very small, nonzero chance of returning at some point.
Moderate El Nino Once every few months A few minutes a day. This is the state I sometimes enter when Atlantic hurricane season is inactive. No
Weak El Nino Once every few weeks  5-10 minutes a day. This state occurs sometimes when I'm just stopping by from time to time, or taking a break from the wiki. No
Neutral Once a week 10-30 minutes a day. This is the state I'm in when I just make edits to keep status or avoid entering an "El Nino" or am grounded, which is the more likely case. No
Weak La Nina 2-4 days a week 30 minutes to an hour a day. I'm either starting to get active or starting to become inactive. Another Scenario is that I'm busy with school work and don't get on until weekends which then I'm on all day. No
Moderate La Nina 5-7 days a week 1-2 hours a day. I usually edit a small amount every day, but I may miss a day here and there. This is usual for school time, and can some times be on 30 minutes  Yes
Strong La Nina
7 days a week
3-5 hours a day. I usually don't come on until about 3:00 PM on weekdays due to school. I edit non-constantly, and I am not on at all times.
Very Strong La Nina
7 days a week
5+ hours a day. I'm usually only in this state during summer vacation, or Christmas Vacation, when I have nothing to do.

I Survived

Tropical Storm Bill (2003)

Tropical Storm Matthew (2004)

Hurricane Cindy (2005)

Hurricane Katrina (2005)

Hurricane Rita  (2005)

Hurricane Gustav (2008)

Tropical Storm Lee (2011)

Hurricane Isaac (2012)

Tropical Storm Cindy (2017)

Hurricane Harvey (2017)

Hurricane Nate (2017)

Hurricane Barry (2019)



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My Articles

Completed Articles

2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Brickcraft1)

Tropical Storm Walter (2016- Brickcraft1)

Works in Progress

2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Brick)

2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Brick)

2027 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Brick)

2018 Mediterranean Hurricane Season (Brickcraft1)

Hex Codes

This is here because

5EBAFF = TD 00FAF4 = TS FFFFCC = C1 FFE775 = C2 FFC140 = C3 FF8F20 = C4 FF6060 = C5

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