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  • Bio Hello! I am an ancient FANDOM user, you may find me on random wikis or more commonly Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki!
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Hello there, I'm Hypercane, a bureaucrat and administrator of this wiki. Thank you for having the time to look at my wonderful user page. I have had a deep passion for tropical cyclones and other weather events in general since 2010. I will never forget the first system I tracked...which happened to be Alex!

I'm usually active here and a few other wikis around Fandom/Wikia and the world wide web in general. You can always leave me a message, as I may be able to help you with CSS, some JavaScript, or other issues. Online Ledgreen

I'm from Ohio in the United States! EDT (UTC−4); 06:50, July 13, 2020 (Monday).

Hypercane, in addition to performing administrator duties, helps with the day-to-day administration of the wiki by establishing the site's rules and managing user rights. Please send them a message or consult the administration page if you need their help.

Timeline of my usercane

Green = Finished
Yellow = Work In Progress
Red = Incomplete/Non-Existent

Alaskan Arctic

South Atlantic

  • 2020-21 South Atlantic hurricane season — The first season for my eventual South Atlantic series. I plan on "terraforming" the basin in the somewhat distant future to be more active than it is today.

LA NIÑA Hypercane is a member of Team La Niña.
NEUTRAL Hypercane is a member of Team ENSO Neutral.
23 Hypercane is 23 years old.
UNREALISTIC Hypercane is unrealistic when making storms or seasons.
North Atlantic Basin Hypercane likes the Atlantic basin best.

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