Category 2 Usercane (ICON)
Hurricane Chris (2012) - IR
Current Intensity
100 (mph), 974 mb
39 Miles
Location & Movement
Moving WNW at 1 mph

Hello. You seem to have made your way to Jdcomix's userpage. Welcome! :)

I am 13 years old, and I love weather with a deep passion. I have been on this wiki for roughly 3 months and am starting to quickly rise up the ranks on here. I am also an experienced vandal fighter on wikipedia under the same username!

Jdcomix is a rollbacker of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. They can quickly undo bad faith and other undesirable edits. If you need their help, send them a message wall or visit their administration page.

 Rights History

Joined: October 25, 2015

Autopatrolled User: June 22, 2016, September 19, 2016

Chat Mod: June 19, 2016, September 24, 2016

Rollback: October 15, 2016

Junior Admin:




Symbol support vote Bob — Great friend, and is great to talk to about hurricanes!

Symbol support vote Odile — Very funny guy, he is quite the master of the art of spamming chat. :P

Symbol support vote Sassmaster — Great administrator and bureaucrat on the wiki who is very efficient with their duties. Sadly is retired.

Symbol support vote Floyd — Very friendly user, and efficient administrator as well. He kills chat a lot :P

Symbol support vote Money — Joined around the same time as me, and is very friendly and nice to talk to! Has potential to become one of the leaders of the wiki :)

Symbol support vote Minecraft — New user who is very nice and friendly, just like money, I think he has potential :)

Symbol support vote Nuno — Has been involved in some drama lately, but he is very fun to be around when he isn't involved in drama!

Symbol support vote Hype — The best bureaucrat on the wiki in my opinion, and one of the wiki's founding fathers :). He is starting to slowly become more inactive, and that makes me sad :(.

Symbol support vote Ryne — Not as active as the others, but is still quite fun to be around.

Symbol support vote Puffle — Has recently turned somewhat inactive, but is very funny and polite!

Symbol support vote Azure — Don't see them that much anymore, but they are very nice!

Symbol support vote Steve — A very experienced user on the wiki.

Symbol support vote Keranique — Very nice user who is a welcoming, funny user on chat.

Symbol support vote Collin — Experienced user in chat and has some of the most detailed seasons on the wiki. Congrats on becoming a bureaucrat! :)

Symbol support vote HypotheticalHurricane — A veteran user who is becoming more active.

Symbol support vote IceCraft — Another veteran user who has recently come out of retirement.

Symbol support vote Brick — A relatively new user who has a lot of potential.

Symbol support vote Ray — Another nice new user who is sadly becoming inactive.

Symbol support vote Akio — Similar to Brick, a new user with a lot of potential.

Symbol support vote Steel — Brand new user who makes good seasons.

Symbol support vote Garfield — A user who is rapidly climbing the ranks and will do very well on this wiki, I know it.

Neutral: Nkech. Used to be one of the leaders of the wiki, became very hostile with everyone here, myself included at one point, but is getting better. He's getting unblocked this month :)

Jsky. He was a bad user, and still makes some mistakes, but ever since he was unblocked, he has been really nice to me. Still not adding him to my "friends" category, because he might still do something bad, but I'm leaning towards him being a friend.

Collin. Experienced user in chat and has some of the most detailed seasons on the wiki. However, he has recently developed some sort of attitude and was blocked for harassment towards CycloneNkechinyer.

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