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Kiko Snowe is a chat moderator of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. They oversee the chat and ensure all users adhere to the chat guidelines. If you need their help, send them a message wall or visit their administration page.

Hey there, welcome to my userpage! I'm Kiko, a 14 year old autistic non-binary LGBTQ+ furry that somehow exists here. I originally joined HHW in 2017 but was blocked for being underage (thank my 11 year old self at the time revealing my age). But, I rejoined in September 2019 and have more-or-less been here ever since!


Hurricane Kate of 2021 at peak!

Feel free to message me on my message wall or on Discord! (I also used to be Dezcrafter/Kiko leopard)

Enjoy the rest of the userpage!

14 Kiko Snowe is 14 years old.
/ Kiko Snowe is non-binary (specifically genderfluid), and does not have a preference for pronouns.
🌈 Kiko is mixed orientation, being both Androsexual and Panromantic.
10k Kiko Snowe created the 10,000th article on HHW! (the article is here!)
⚧️ Kiko Snowe is transgender. (male to non-binary)
❤️ Kiko Snowe is on the Autism spectrum.
🌲 Kiko Snowe is from the great state of Washington (State).


Usercane Kiko
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