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  • I live in Ohio (Where there are always ears of corn listening)
  • My occupation is Professional introvert, meteorology enthusiast

Hey everyone- I'm LckyTUBA. I've been on this wiki since December 2018, and have since amassed thousands of edits and made many seasons. And yes, I play the tuba.

I am an amateur meteorologist, with a mini-weather station set up at my house. My particular interest lies in tropical cyclones, and I am planning to attend Penn State next year to study atmospheric science and meteorology.



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My favorite pages

Here's my weather center for tropical cyclone prediction:

My userstorm:

And here's the usercane season I'm in:

Here are some of my seasons- feel free to take a look and give comments!

Atlantic Series

Tubaworld Series

And here are some notable individual storms from my seasons to check out as well:

And a few other weird storms that aren't in a season:

Other pages:

Timeline of my activity on HHW:

October/November 2018: I began visiting HHW, although I didn't yet have a fandom account or anything.

December 12, 2018: I created a fandom account and I also made my first edit on HHW- I created a hypothetical 2019 Atlantic season.

Late December 2018-Early January 2019: I began to show up on the wiki forums, although I was still an infrequent editor.

January 14, 2019: I officially joined the HHW Discord for the first time. I had over 200 edits upon doing so, so I became a tropical userstorm (Tropical Userstorm Tuba).

February 14, 2019: I became an autopatrolled user.

July 23, 2019: I went on partial hiatus, due to band camp and rehearsals leading up to camp.

July 29, 2019: I went on a full hiatus, due to having no internet at camp.

August 3, 2019: I returned from band camp, and resumed regular activity.

Late September 2019: I began my Tubaworld series, which features a tropical cylone basin located in a fictional world (aptly named Tubaworld).



I am now semi-retired, and am not a frequent editor, although you'll still be able to find me on Discord.

A little bit about me:

Storms I have survived:

(Note: I was too young to remember many of these in particular, those before 2008 were storms that had any impact with my home in Central Ohio.)

  • Remnants of Isabel (2003): Got about an inch of rainfall.
  • Remnants of Frances (2004): Got 2 inches of rain.
  • Ivan (2004): Got about an inch of rainfall.
  • Remnants of Katrina (2005): Got about 3 inches of rain. Sustained winds of 25 mph, apparently caused flooding. I barely remember the storm (I was 3 at the time).
  • Remnants of Ike (2008): This one was nasty. There were 75 mph wind gusts and lots of power outages. I distinctly remember this storm, and likely will for the rest of my life- Ike was the hurricane that ultimately sparked much of my interest in weather.
  • Remnants of Isaac (2012): We got 2 inches of rain, and I remember hearing about the flooding in the South. I was surprised when I saw that they didn't retire it.
  • Remnants of Sandy (2012): This one was weird. We got about two inches of snow before Halloween. This was really a memorable one, but finding out about the damage along the East Coast ruined the magic of a pre-Halloween snowfall.
  • Remnants of Bill (2015): I only remember using Bill as an excuse to not take the trash out- I told my parents that I would have to 'brave a tropical system'. I didn't realize that it already was extratropical, and besides, my excuse didn't work in the first place. Kind of a silly excuse in the first place, but Bill still caused minor flooding issues in parts of my city.
  • Remnants of Harvey (2017): This is the first one that I clearly remember tracking. We got about an inch of rain, and 30-mph gusts occurred during a football game in which my band was playing.
  • Remnants of Irma (2017): As I was tracking Harvey, I noticed Irma was forming. I remember talking to everyone in my classes about it. It made landfall in Florida, and I remember getting a trace of rainfall.
  • Alberto (2018): This one was weird as well. I watched it track northward, expecting it to dissipate. It still remained a tropical cyclone as it passed Ohio. We got a little bit of rainfall.
  • Remnants of Gordon (2018): Gordon was particularly frustrating because it caused 5 inches of rain, cancelling a fundraiser car wash I was holding. (I still was able to reschedule before the weather got too cold.)
  • Remnants of Barry (2019): Barry passed through Ohio while I was on vacation in New Hampshire. From what I heard, we got little more than rain showers, but I did come back to find a large branch down in my front yard.
  • Remnants of Olga (2019): Olga's remnants caused gusty winds throughout central Ohio, and I measured gusts of around 50 mph and a pressure of around 995 mbar (though it was likely the frontal system that had absorbed it that caused this pressure reading.) Olga's winds caused my power to flicker occasionally.
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