aka Teresa Brionne

  • I live in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • I was born on April 30
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
Activity type Amount of Time Current Rating
Very Strong La Niña
Once I'm in this stage, chances of coming back or infinitesimal. I have lost a significant amount of interest, and I will not edit for a very long period of time. However, there is still a very tiny chance of me at least returning.
Strong La Niña
Interest has decreased, or I am way too busy off-wiki to contribute here. In this stage I am mostly retired, although there is still a chance I may return to being a very active user at some point.
Moderate La Niña In this stage, I am semi-retired from the wiki, real-life events prevent me from being active, or I am taking a long break from the wiki. This may happen if the Atlantic hurricane season is inactive. I will stop in from time to time at this stage, but I will not be very active at all. No
Weak La Niña Uh oh! La Niña has formed! At this stage, I make edits every few weeks, and am nearing semi-retirement. This stage may happen during the Atlantic offseason. I still edit from time to time, but my activity is fairly limited. However, I will be available if you need me. No
Neutral ENSO is neutral! In this stage, I come on from time to time about once a week or so. At this stage I'm still semi-active, but I won't be on every day. However, at this rating, there is a good chance I will become fully active again at some point. No
Weak El Niño Real-life events, such as school, limit me from being fully active on this wiki. However, I am still very interested, and edit several times a week, appearing on average about 5-7 days each week. In this stage, I'm either starting to become active or starting to go inactive. No
Moderate El Niño At this rating, I am fairly active, editing most days. On average with this rating I edit every day, but may not make many seasons or new pages. However, I am still very interested in the wiki, and am not close to going inactive. Yes
Strong El Niño
In this rating, I'm on for an average of 3-5 hours a day, every day without missing any days. However, classes or other events limit me from being extremely active.
Very Strong El Niño
A fairly uncommon rating, except over the summer. In this stage, I am on every day for over 5 hours a day. "Low wind shear" allows me to be extremely active! My hurricane interest is as strong as it will ever be. I make a lot of seasons. I am most commonly in this stage on Summer Break when I am not on vacation, on Christmas Break, or Semestral Break.
Modoki El Niño During this stage, I am only going to have limited access to HHW. I am either on vacation or suffering from an electrical/internet outage. No
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