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Hello HHW Visitor!! Welcome to the userpage of Money Hurricane, a bureaucrat of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki! This edit was made on a tv

About Me

Money Hurricane, in addition to performing administrator duties, helps with the day-to-day administration of the wiki by establishing the site's rules and managing user rights. Please send them a message or consult the administration page if you need their help.
Money Hurricane is a primary enforcer of the wiki's rules, taking an active role in resolving disputes and combating vandals. They have a number of abilities to aid them in this task, such as protecting pages and blocking users. If you need their help, send them a message wall or visit their administration page.


Hector 2018-08-06 2255Z Money Hurricane is an administrator of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. This means they are insanely intense, like a Category 4 hurricane.
Dorian 2019-09-01 1500Z Money Hurricane is a bureaucrat of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. This means they are incredibly intense, like a Category 5 hurricane.
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LA NINA Money Hurricane is a member of Team La Niña.
North Atlantic Basin Money Hurricane likes the Atlantic basin best.

My Seasons/Individual Storms

My Seasons

Individual Storms

Atlantic vs. East Pacific Hurricane Contest

Cheer on your favorite basin, and see the results of all the seasons from 2000 to the present. The 2019 season is the current season.

How to Calculate ACE

In a simpler way of saying it, you take the wind speed in knots, multiply it by itself, and divide that number by 10000. Ex. 50 x 50 / 10000 = 0.25, and the sum of these values taken every 6 hours is a storm's ACE

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