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I have to add one more surprise to my long hurricane forecasting career. Unexpectedly, the subtropical cyclone became a tropical depression this morning, and then it intensified to a tropical storm.

Forecaster Lixion Avila on April 20, 2017. regarding Tropical Storm Arlene's formation

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storms i've went trough:


Hurricane Jimena. in the circulation. remnants only. moisture.


Tropical-like system. in the circulation. moisture. strong thunderstorms.


Hurricane Hillary Clinton. moisture. in the circulation.


Hurricane Fabio. moisture. clouds

Hurricane Paul Walker. moisture. clouds


Tropical-like system (2). in the circulation. moisture. lighting.


Tropical-like system (3) in the circulation. rain.

Hurricane Norbert. remnants only. moisture.

Hurricane Odile. in the circulation. remnants only. moisture.

Hurricane Simon. remnants only. moisture.


Hurricane Blanca. in the circulation. moisture. clouds

Tropical Storm Ela. clouds.

Hurricane Dolores. moisture. clouds. lighting. in the circulation. rain. remnants only

Tropical Depression 11-E. clouds

Hurricane Ignacio. clouds

Tropical Storm Kevin. clouds

Hurricane Linda. clouds. moisture. rain. wind. remnants only

Tropical Storm Alan* (TD 16-E). clouds. wind. remnants only. in the circulation.

*was named unofficially (don't use at wikipedia) because its a threat


Hurricane Paine. moisture, lightning, rain, wind.

Hurricane Seymour. clouds, moisture.


Tropical Storm Lidia, clouds, wind, in the circulation, remnants only.


Hurricane Bud, clouds, remnants only.

Hurricane Rosa, clouds, remnants only.

Hurricane Sergio, clouds, lightning, remnants only


Schedule: Weekdays: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (rarely), Weekends: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST (non-constant)
Very Strong El Nino

Current rating: Very Strong El Nino (can change)

Activity type How often? Amount of Time Current Rating
Very Strong La Nina
DONE. No chance of returning.
None. This is ABSOLUTE RETIREMENT. If I ever enter this stage, you've likely seen me for the last time.
Strong La Nina
Likely done, with a slight chance of returning.
None, for now. At this state, I'm likely done with the wiki, but there still is a very small, nonzero chance of returning at some point.
Moderate La Nina Once every few months A few minutes a day. This is the state I sometimes enter when Atlantic hurricane season is inactive. No
Weak La Nina Once every few weeks  5-10 minutes a day. This state occurs sometimes when I'm just stopping by from time to time, or taking a break from the wiki. No
Neutral Once a week 10-30 minutes a day. This is the state I'm in when I just make edits to keep status or avoid entering an "La Nina". No
Weak El Nino 2-4 days a week 30 minutes to an hour a day. I'm either starting to get active or starting to become inactive. No
Moderate El Nino 5-7 days a week 1-2 hours a day. I usually edit a small amount every day, but I may miss a day here and there. No
Strong El Nino
7 days a week
3-5 hours a day. I usually don't come on until about 8:00 AM on weekdays l. I edit non-constantly, and I am not on at all times.
Very Strong El Nino
7 days a week
5+ hours a day. I'm usually only in this state during summer vacation when I have nothing to do.


Sandbox 1

Sandbox 2

Test sandbox


testing page

1992 global timeline (north hemisphere. w.i.p.)

all of the durations are from IBTrACS wikipedia:Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

season making poll!

what season should i make?

The poll was created at 15:35 on June 28, 2016, and so far 33 people voted.

seasons created:


2052 Pacific hurricane season

2041 Pacific hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2045 Pacific hurricane season

2059 Pacific hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

1996 Pacific hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2097 Pacific hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2058 Pacific hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2015 Pacific hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2014 Pacific hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2052 Pacific hurricane season (Remastered)

2064 Pacific hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2016 Pacific hurricane season (roussil97)

2019 Pacific hurricane season (roussil97)


2052 Atlantic hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2015 Atlantic hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2041 Atlantic hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2059 Atlantic hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

1879 Atlantic hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2012 Atlantic hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2006 Atlantic hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2097 Atlantic hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

1992 Atlantic hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2058 Atlantic hurricane season (HurricaneOdile/Bob/Sass/Keranique)

2015 Atlantic hurricane season (HurricaneOdile, version 2)

2005 Atlantic hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2021 Atlantic hurricane season (roussil97)

2016 Atlantic hurricane season (roussil97)

2017 Atlantic hurricane season (roussil97)

western pacific:

2030 Planet X Pacific typhoon season (HurricaneOdile)

1996 Pacific typhoon season (HurricaneOdile)

2052 Pacific typhoon season (HurricaneOdile)

2053 Pacific typhoon season (HurricaneOdile)

2058 Pacific typhoon season (HurricaneOdile)

southern pacific:

2051-52 South Pacific cyclone season (HurricaneOdile)

south-west indian:

2051-52 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season (HurricaneOdile)

north indian:


australian region:

2051-52 Australian region cyclone season (HurricaneOdile)


2014 My swimming pool tropical cyclone season (HurricaneOdile)

2014 Monaco tropical cyclone season (HurricaneOdile)

2101 Mediterranean cyclone season (HurricaneOdile)

2071-72 South Atlantic cyclone season (HurricaneOdile)

2084-85 South-Eastern Pacific cyclone season (HurricaneOdile)

2097 Great Lakes hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2010 Pokemon hurricane season (roussil97)

2011 Pokemon hurricane season (roussil97)

2012 Pokemon hurricane season (roussil97)

2013 Pokemon hurricane season (roussil97)

2014 Pokemon hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2015 Pokemon hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2016 Pokemon hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2017 Pokémon hurricane season (roussil97)

2018 Pokémon hurricane season (roussil97)

2013 My swimming pool tropical cyclone season (HurricaneOdile)

2009 Minecraft hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2010 Minecraft hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2011 Minecraft hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2012 Minecraft hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2013 Minecraft hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2014 Minecraft hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2015 Minecraft hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2016 Minecraft hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2017 Minecraft hurricane season (HurricaneOdile)

2018 Minecraft hurricane season (roussil97)

2019 Minecraft hurricane season (roussil97)

storm articles created:

Hurricane Illan

Hurricane Quinn (2052)

Tropical Storm Vivian (2014)

Tropical Storm Van (2092)

Typhoon Angela

Baecane Nora

Hurricane Patricia

Typhoon Deanna

season collabs:

Atlantic Season 2019 with some help by User:Bumblebee the transformer

2141 Atlantic Hurricane Season with User:PuffleXTREME and User:Stormguy

2092 Pacific hurricane season (Puffle/Stormguy/HurricaneOdile) with User:PuffleXTREME and User:Stormguy

2999 Pacific hurricane season (Puffle & Odile) with User:PuffleXTREME

2013 Reimagined Atlantic hurricane season (Puffle/Odile/IceCraft) with User:PuffleXTREME and User:IceCraft87941

2016 hurricane season with User:PuffleXTREME

pages on restoration:

2070 Atlantic hurricane season

2111 Atlantic hurricane season


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