• I live in Northern Kentucky
  • I was born on September 29
  • I am Male

Helpful Pages

Here's a list of Helpful Pages for those who are looking for something:

Nkechinyer's_Basin_Maps_(CycloneNkechinyer) - Basin maps for all sorts of basins can be found on this page. So can large, combined basin maps, which makes making storms that go across basins a lot easier. For those of us like myself who aren't so creative with picking replacement names, click the link to visit Babble's list of names that can be sorted by gender and from A to Z. Behindthename is really good to use if you want to make a list using only names from certain histories, for example, if you want to make a season using only english and spanish names. An interactive map of all known Hurricane Tracks throughout the world. I find it helpful for finding storms to use an image from for one of my seasons. Satellite image archive of every day dating back to 2013. Archive of Every Reconnaissance Aircraft (RECON) Mission since 1989 in the Atlantic. Also has data for the East Pacific and West Pacific. Archive of every NHC advisory on a storm dating back to 1998 in the Atlantic and Pacific. ASCAT data dating back to 2007 for the entire world.

I survived

I remember surviving the following storms (in order of damages/memory)

  1. March 2nd, 2012 Tornado Outbreak- I remember this one the most as it is the closest I have gotten to actually experiencing a major natural disaster (until March 1st, 2017). There was a F4 tornado that crossed the southern portion of my county on this day. I remember most of what happened from start to finish. roughly 6 tornadoes occurred within the Cincinnati Metro Area
  2. Hurricane Ike, 2008- Okay, I'll admit, it wasn't a Hurricane when it made it here, but we did get high winds and the power got knocked out for 2 hours due to Ike. I was off school for 2 days due to power outages throughout portions of the county. A tree fell over on a nearby road and knocked out some power lines. EDIT: I looked into this one and Ike did have 75 mph wind gusts in my area. so it was indeed a hurricane strength extratropical cyclone when we were impacted.
  3. February 28th- March 1st, 2017 Tornado Outbreak- This one featured weak tornadoes in my area, including my closest call with a tornado.
  4. Remnants of Tropical Storm Bill, 2015- This is #3 because of the silly jokes I made about Bill Nye the Science Guy and this storm. We got quite a bit of rain from this one, but nothing else.
  5. Remnants of Hurricane Isaac, 2012- Another big system from 2012, this one dumping rain over my area.
  6. Extratropical Cyclone Sandy, 2012- I remember this one big time, I got snow from it.
  7. Remnants of Tropical Storm Lee, 2011- Wow, 2011 was one active year. This one brought be cloud cover but not any rain.
  8. 2010-2013 United States/Mexico Drought- I remember this drought, 2010 in particular. It just wouldn't rain that summer. Whenever the weather said it would rain that summer, it was horridly off.
  9. December 21-24, 2004 Winter Storm- I don't have any memories outside of photos, but we have photos of the white Christmas we got in this year.
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