aka Alex

  • I live in Gran Canaria
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is Talented guy,frustrated geographer
  • I am Male

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Hello, I'm Olo72, also known as Alex. Thank you for read this.

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Current Status

Current Status

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Category 4 hurricane (CPHC)
Fiona 2016 Karl 200kkj4 tracttk
DurationOctober 25 – October 30
Peak intensity115 mph (185 km/h) (1-min)  942 mbar (hPa)

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  • Symbol support vote very strong Bob - friendly user,he is funny.
  • Symbol support vote very strong Gary Great user.
  • Symbol support vote very strong Prism - Very active in chat.
  • Symbol support vote very strong Minecraft - Very talented user and very friendly.
  • Symbol support vote very strong Farm - Cool guy and do good seasons.
  • Symbol support vote very strong Hypothetical - Funny guy who loves Bowser
  • Symbol support vote very strong Akio - Very good user,nice and is very active in chat

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  • Symbol support vote strong Lucarius Very friendly user.
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  • Symbol support vote strong Cooper - Nice guy here,he is a white HARP seal
  • Symbol support vote strong Harvey - Nice and funny user.


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Storms I have Experienced

I survived...

  • 2005 - Tropical Storm Delta (extratropical)
  • 2010 - Subtropical Storm Candelaria
  • 2010 - Remnants of Hurricane Otto
  • 2012 - Nadine (Only a cold front and saharian storms)
  • 2015 - Hurricane Joaquin (Only cold front)
  • 2016 - Hurricane Alex (Only high clouds)
  • 2017 - Hurricane Ophelia (Only high clouds)
  • 2018 - Hurricane Leslie (Rain front)
  • 2019 - TD 15 (Compact clouds and weak rain)

HHW acounts

9,899 pages 78,357 files 474,668 edits -1 active users


Activity type

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Current Rating

Very Strong El Nino
DONE. No chance of returning.
Strong El Nino
Likely done, with a slight chance of returning.
Maybe none. I may visit once in a month or more but I may not edit or just I will visit this wiki at rare occasions. I am mostly retired, but there's chance to return and become active again.
Moderate El Nino Once every few months A few minutes a week or a month. I am semi-retired. I may also taking a long break from the wiki. Yes
Weak El Nino Once every few weeks  5-10 minutes a day. This occurs sometimes but I am still trying to be active. No
Neutral Once a week 10-30 minutes a day. This is the state I'm in when I just make edits to keep status or avoid entering an "El Nino". No
Weak La Nina 2-4 days a week 30 minutes to an hour a day. I'm either starting to get active or starting to become inactive. I am still trying to be active and make a decent amount of edits. No
Moderate La Nina 5-7 days a week 1-2 hours a day. I usually edit a small amount every day, but I may miss a day here and there. No
Strong La Nina
7 days a week
3-5 hours a day. I am active in this stage, but I usually entered this stage when I am not busy.
Very Strong La Nina
7 days a week
5+ hours a day. I'm usually only in this state during summer vacation, or Christmas Vacation, when I have nothing to do.
Modoki El Nino Limited Access In this stage, Internet is down, I am on a vacation ot family is visiting. I am not going to be inactive, maybe only limited access, except if I am on a long vacation or our internet will be down for a month. No

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