• I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
  • I was born on September 20
  • My occupation is Austrian who has a strange amount of interest in hurricanes
  • I am refusing to tell you who i am

Welcome to Alan's userpage!
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Hello, my name is Alan, I'm a bureaucrat of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki! Thank you for taking a moment to look at my profile. If any help is needed, reply on my message wall.----

Friends and Enemies

Symbol support vote Odile - My best buddy.

Symbol support vote Stormguy - An inactive user, but is very nice.

Symbol support vote Charles - See above.

Symbol support vote Hypercane - A great bcrat.

Symbol support vote Floyd - Also great.

Symbol support vote Dane - Helped rebuild the wiki, so why should I not include him here?

Symbol support vote Azure - Not as active as others, but is nice.

Bienvenue a Alan's userpage!
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Bonjour, mon nom est Alan, je suis un bureaucrate de Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki! Merci de prendre un moment pour regarder mon profil. Si une aide est nécessaire, répondre sur ma Paroi du message.----

Amis et ennemis

Symbol support vote Odile - Mon meilleur copain.

Symbol support vote Stormguy - Un utilisateur inactif, mais est très agréable.

Symbol support vote Charles - Voir ci-dessus.

Symbol support vote Hypercane - Un grand bcrat.

Symbol support vote Floyd - En outre grand.

Symbol support vote Dane - ont aidé à reconstruire le wiki, alors pourquoi devrais-je pas l'inclure ici?

Symbol support vote Azure - pas aussi actif que d'autres, mais il est agréable.

Activity Scale

Current Status: Semi-Active (can go up and down on the scale)

Scale Rating Color Current Rating? Info
Fully Active Lime No I am only offline at events. Mostly, I'm active all-day.
PM Active Azure No I get online around 3:01 PM, I like to do research on cyclones and when it's 3pm I get on here.
Semi-active Cyan Yes Atlantic season is over, or real-life events prevent me from being more active, so this only happens when I have no retirement plans.
Vacation Yellow No I am on vacation or am taking a wikia break.
Semi-retired Orange No I am literally getting inactive on this wiki, and I am losing motivation. If I get my motivation back, I will recover.
Retired Bright Red No I have lost all motivation for editing and it's really the Fun and Games that keeps me on every now and then. So if I have this I'm basically done with this wiki.
Dying Hot Pink No I am seriously bored on the wiki and nothing interests me here anymore, but I will chat every 6 months to see you guys one last time.
Dead Pink No I have lost all interest in this wiki and do not visit anymore. After one last chat and final goodbye party I will say my goodbyes and leave this wiki for good.
Wikia Milestones----

Italics mean rarer milestones.

Bold-italics mean the rarest milestones that I have made it to.

1 - 100

Joined wiki - Friday, March 13, 2015

FIRST EDIT EVER - Saturday, March 14, 2015

3k to 4k

3,000th EDIT!!1 - Friday, November 27, 2015

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