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  • I live in the Western Hemisphere
  • I was born on December 4
  • I am Male
Roy25 is a primary enforcer of the wiki's rules, taking an active role in resolving disputes and combating vandals. They have a number of abilities to aid them in this task, such as protecting pages and blocking users. If you need their help, send them a message wall or visit their administration page.

General Info

Hi HHW Guest, I'm Roy25, but you can simply call me Roy. I am currently an administrator of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki since June 2019. If you have any questions regarding the wiki and chat, feel free to let me know on my message wall. Other than that, feel free to click around my profile page. Busy Ledorange

Hector 2018-08-06 2255Z Roy25 is an administrator of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. This means they are insanely intense, like a Category 4 hurricane.
Admin Logo HHW This user has Administrator rights on the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (verify)
16 Roy25 is 16 years old
North Atlantic Basin Roy25 likes the Atlantic basin best.
NYC-Skyline Roy25 lives in New York City
Name Biases Roy25 has a bias against the Atlantic storm name Dorian and for the name Mindy
Hurricane Roy Roy25 hopes that one day Roy would be an Atlantic storm name

User Rights

Dates when I achieved these user rights (if ever). All dates in EST.

  • Autopatrolled: April 22, 2018
  • Chat Moderator: May 13, 2018
  • Rollback: July 12, 2018
  • Junior Administrator: September 28, 2018
  • Administrator: June 24, 2019
  • Bureaucrat: if ever

Activity Status

Not related to Usercanes!

Activity Status Description
Category 5
A rare rating for me. On this rating, I am online almost the whole day everyday, doing mass editing on the wiki. This rating can usually happen in breaks and the summer.
Category 4
Most common rating for me. On this rating, I am online everyday, though not the whole day. I am usually online at certain hours, making a lot of edits to the wiki. This rating can happen during school days, or during breaks.
Category 3
At this rating, I am online at certain days of the week, like around 3-5 days a week. This rating is also one of my common ratings. This rating can happen if school or real-life events takes my time in the wiki away.
Category 2
At this rating, I'm still as active, but usually online around 1-3 days a week. This can happen if school or off-wiki tasks are taking my time from the wiki.
Category 1
At this rating, real-life event takes me away from the wiki and my activity is decreasing. I am online around once per week, and try to make as many edits as I can.
Tropical Storm
Under hurricane status. At this rating, I am somewhat retired from this wiki, or real-life events are taking my time from the wiki. I would be online 1-2 days every other week, while doing minor edits to the wiki.
Tropical Depression
At this rating, I am mostly retired from this wiki or I do not have time to be on the wiki because of real life events. I am online on average once per month while doing minor edits to the wiki.
Extratropical/Remnant Low
At this rating, I am retired from this wiki. However, I may still be online from time to time, while probably making a few edits, but I won't be active.
Dissipated Same as Extratropical/Remnant Low status except it is absolute retirement, and a zero percent chance of coming back. This would happen if I completely lost interests in tropical cyclones, or unfortunately, if I die in real life. You will not see me ever again in this wiki (probably you might see me IRL, but the chances of that happening is 0.00000001% chance).
This rating will only be used if I'm inactive or retired. This rating means that I have a potential to come back to editing on the wiki. If I'm still active after a week or 2 of this rating, this may change to a tropical depression or another rating.
Subtropical Storm
At this rating, I am taking a break from the wiki, either because of family vacation or I would just take my time off from the wiki for various reasons. This rating does not mean that I am retired, as I do plan on coming back.
Current Status: Category 2

Current Subtropical Storm Events

  • None

Upcoming Subtropical Storm Events

  • None

Great Friends

  • Symbol support vote very strong Farm - User from the Philippines who makes well-made seasons. His favorite thing in the world is apple :P
  • Symbol support vote very strong Hype - The current leader of the wiki who can really help other users
  • Symbol support vote very strong Garfield - A user who makes really cool seasons. We've even met once in real life!

Good Friends

  • Symbol support vote strong Lucarius - A junior admin that seems to be just fine.
  • Symbol support vote strong Cooper - An administrator who also makes nice season
  • Symbol support vote strong SM - A bureaucrat of the wiki who is great at detecting and stopping vandals and intruders
  • Symbol support vote strong Bob - A great former bureaucrat that has a July and December bias
  • Symbol support vote strong Giedrius - A rollbacker who is nice to talk to in chat
  • Symbol support vote strong Akio - A nice and funny beetroot cookie user


  • Symbol support vote MH - An interesting former bureaucrat
  • Symbol support vote Chap - A funny former administrator that is obsessed with Homestuck
  • Symbol support vote Brick - A nice former admin who has been inactive recently
  • Symbol support vote Gary - A funny former admin from Pennsylvania who makes a great ton of typos
  • Symbol support vote Harvey - Funny and weird, that's all I'm gonna say. Sadly retired
  • Symbol support vote Cube - A nice user who is active in chat who used to use the trigger command on me a lot.
  • Symbol support vote Blue - Another funny user from Massachusetts who claims that I'm a clone of his. Sadly inactive
  • Symbol support vote Prism - A funny user from Slovakia, and uses memes a lot. Sadly blocked
  • Symbol support vote TG - A user who is not that active but fun to talk to on chat. Sadly inactive
  • Symbol support vote HH - A funny user who edits mainly on the wiki forums
  • Symbol support vote Doug - A fine user who makes decent seasons.
  • Symbol support vote Sass - A former bureaucrat of the wiki who I chat with often in Discord.
  • Symbol support vote Olo - A user who seems to be doing just fine. Also favorites LEGOs
  • Symbol support vote Caleb - A chat mod who is funny at times
  • Symbol support vote Will - A fine user who makes fine seasons
  • Symbol support vote TPE - A funny user from India who I enjoy chatting with
  • Symbol support vote Lucas - A fine user to talk to. Doesn't appear in chat as much

Sort of Friends

  • Symbol arrow up FCX - Seems to be doing fine as a staff. Does make good animations though.
  • Symbol arrow up Steve - I don't really interact much with him due to time zones and different schedules, but he is fine to talk with whenever there is a chance.
  • Symbol arrow up Mario - A former junior admin who is active in chat, and has developed a rather intriguing persona that resembles a certain strawberry master
  • Symbol arrow up MC - A former admin of the wiki that appears seasonally
  • Symbol arrow up Alpha - A user who I see mainly on chat. He may have some thoughts that I may disagree with, but he's fine as he is
  • Symbol arrow up Nathan - I don't interact with the owner of Force Thirteen as much.
  • Symbol arrow up Charka - A new user that is pretty nice to talk to in chat. Also like to send in storms, weak or strong, to where I live (NYC), for some reason. Sadly inactive
  • Symbol arrow up Kat - A rare female user here that is also nice to talk to on chat. Has a bias of Katrina and Katia :P Sadly blocked
  • Symbol arrow up Tiger - A user who would usually say "HHW words" quite constantly. Sadly inactive.
  • Symbol arrow up Jnlt - Hadn't chat with him as much

Storms I have Experienced...

  • Hurricane Irene
  • Hurricane Sandy
  • Outer bands of Arthur
  • Outer bands of Hermine
  • Remnants of Harvey, Irma and Nate
  • Outer bands of Hurricanes Jose and Maria
  • Remnants of Florence and Michael
  • Outer bands of Dorian
  • Remnants of Nestor

More to be added...

New polls every week! (Unless if I'm busy IRL)

What will be the last storm name of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season?

The poll was created at 22:26 on December 4, 2019, and so far 8 people voted.


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