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Hello <insert name here>, my name is Ava, although I may also go by BlackfordCountyEAS995, Blackford, or NoJO (although I personally preferred to be called Blackford). I am from central Indiana, and am a aspiring meteorologist who mainly tracks severe weather and tropical cyclones. I started tracking hurricanes during the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season, after Hurricane Matthew in particular. I really started tracking hurricanes as a hobby starting after Hurricane Harvey in 2017, which was the first hurricane that I actively tracked full-time. Living in rural Indiana, I rarely see anything close to tropical, the strongest storm I remember was the remnants of Hurricane Ike back in 2008.

I also partially remember Hurricane Sandy of 2012, mainly seeing news regarding it, however the hurricane I remember with remnants most was Tropical Storm Alberto of 2018, which delivered significant flash flooding in my area. I'm relatively inactive on HHW (although I do edit from time to time), and I'm generally more active on other wikis in a similar nature of hypothetical weather/event nature to this one (namely Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki, where I have been in the administration since June 2020, and a bureaucrat there since August 2021, and Hypothetical Cities and Countries Wiki, where I have been in the administration since November 2018, and wiki leader since September 2020).


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Pronouns Blackford uses she/her, they/them or xe/xem pronouns. It would be preferred if you referred to her by any of these.
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LGBT Blackford is pansexual and a trans girl.

Semi-Realistic to Realistic Blackford prefers to make hypothetical storms that are semi-realistic to realistic, although she may sometimes make completely unrealistic hypos for fun.

User Timeline

2016 Atlantic usercane season#Tropical Userstorm Blackford (SPCBlackfordCounty995Main; formerly NoJO)

Hurricanes I remember causing impacts in my location at the time

  • The remnants of Tropical Storm Alberto moving through Indiana (May 30, 2018)

    Hurricane Ike (2008) (remnants in Indiana) (Category 4 at peak)
  • Hurricane Sandy (2012) (remnants northeast of Indiana, primarily winds, with some snow) (Category 3 at peak)
  • Hurricane Arthur (2014) (outer bands in Pennsylvania) (Category 2 at peak)
  • Tropical Storm Bill (2015) (Rain associated with remnants) (Tropical Storm at peak)
  • Hurricane Harvey (2017) (Rain associated with remnants) (Category 4 at peak)
  • Hurricane Irma (2017) (Small rain with remnants rather far away) (Category 5 at peak)
  • Hurricane Nate (2017) (Rain associated with remnants) (Category 1 at peak)
  • Tropical Storm Alberto (2018) (Tropical depression moved straight through Indiana, causing flash flooding) (Tropical Storm at peak)
  • Hurricane Barry (2019) (Initial low pressure system that went on to form into Barry caused heavy thunderstorms in my area, remnants of Barry hit my area as well, yes, Barry hit me twice) (Category 1 at peak)
  • Tropical Storm Cristobal (2020) (Tropical depression moved through Illinois, dragging moisture north that caused significant derecho event) (Tropical Storm at peak)