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  • I live in Southern Arizona
  • I was born on January 15
  • My occupation is tracking hurricanes
  • I am actually male, thank you very much
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Hello <insert name here>! My name is Sandy, a rollback + chat moderator here in HHW, and I’m 14 years old. I like tracking hurricanes and all sorts of stuff since I first encountered them in 2014. I live in Southern Arizona, where I get hit by monsoons and trust me, it's hot there with temps up to 100F+ in the summer.

Kirk landfall

Enjoy this lovely animation of Kirk making landfall while you at it!

I am also an introvert, not talking and interacting that much in real life and spending my time with my devices and whatnot. That is why I wear glasses and that my vision is poor. I do have a speech impediment, which makes me kind of a shy person irl because I sometimes can’t talk properly. I interact with my classmates as best as I can, and I befriend some people along the way despite me being an introvert. I’m part Asian, specifically Filipino, although I haven't learned Tagalog quite yet. But I love Filipino cuisine, it's delicious! I'm a straight A student and a nerd at math.

I visited this wiki back in 2015-2016, when I saw the pages that Bob had created, the userpages of StrawberryMaster and Odile, and all that kind of stuff. I also have a Wikipedia account, which I use to edit tropical cyclone pages and *formerly* reverting vandalism in Wikipedia. My Wikipedia account is right here: Sandy14156

Arizona is one of the only two states not to observe Daylight Savings Time. Therefore, the clock remains at UTC-7 or Mountain Standard Time all year round. Current time in Arizona: 18:28 (MST)

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know in my message wall. I may not answer all your questions, but don't be afraid to ask! :)

Pages I created!

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Hurricane Kyle

Katia sim 2023

Hurricane Katia

Karen sim 2025

Hurricane Karen

Sally sim 2026

Hurricane Sally

Sam sim 2027

Hurricane Sam

Kirk sim 2030

Hurricane Kirk

Hypothetical hurricane / WMHB seasons

Right here: List of seasons made by Sandy156

Individual storm articles

Sandiaea seasons


Current status

Credit to Bob for making this original infobox.

Current status:

Category 4 hurricane
Category Information Current Rating
DONE. No chance of returning. I'm in this stage if I am gone FOREVER with nearly no chance of ever returning. I have dissipated. This is basically "ABSOLUTE RETIREMENT."
Remnant low Interest has decreased, or I am way too busy off-wiki to contribute here. In this stage I am mostly retired, although there is still a chance I may return to being a very active user and regenerating at some point. No
Tropical Depression In this stage, I am semi-retired from the wiki, real-life events prevent me from being active, or I am taking a long break from the wiki. I will stop in from time to time at this stage, but I will not be very active at all. No
Tropical Storm Uh oh! I have weakened below hurricane status! At this stage, I make edits every few weeks, and am nearing semi-retirement. This stage may happen during the Atlantic offseason. I still edit from time to time, but my activity is fairly limited. No
Category 1 hurricane In this category, I come on from time to time about once a week or so. At this stage I'm still semi-active, but I won't be on every day. However, at this rating, there is a good chance I will become fully active again at some point. No
Category 2 hurricane Real-life events, such as school, limit me from being fully active on this wiki. However, I am still very interested, and edit several times a week, appearing on average about 5-7 days each week. In this stage, I'm either starting to become active or starting to go inactive. No
Category 3 hurricane At this category, I am fairly active, editing most days. I'm on Discord quite frequently, but not all the time. On average with this rating I edit every day, but may not make many seasons or new pages. However, I am still very interested in the wiki, and am not close to going inactive. No
Category 4 hurricane In this category, I'm on for an average of 3-5 hours a day, every day without missing any days. I’m also quite active on Discord too. Yes
Category 5 hurricane In this category, I am on every day for over 5 hours a day. My hurricane interest is as strong as it will ever be. I will edit a lot, and be on Discord nearly all day. I am most commonly in this stage on Summer Break when I am not on vacation, on Christmas Break, or Spring or Fall Break. No
Subtropical Cyclone During this stage, I am only going to have limited access to HHW. I am most likely on vacation, family is visiting or I am suffering through an internet outage. In most cases I will be able to check HHW for a bit, but I won't be able to spend a lot of time on HHW if I'm a Subtropical Cyclone. No



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Usercane Sandy

Hurricanes I experienced

In Southern Arizona, I get hit by remnant lows that were once Pacific hurricanes. Here are the storms I experienced since 2014.

  • Odile (2014) - This was the strongest storm I ever experienced, it even canceled school for a day! Well, since it was more than 4 years ago, I can’t clearly remember it but I remember getting on the bus after school and then water started pouring down, causing flooding and moderate gusts.
  • Newton (2016) - its remnants hit me from the north causing usual flooding and heavy rain.
  • Sergio (2018) - was in San Diego when it hit, heavy rain poured the city causing moderate flooding.
  • Lorena (2019) - got some t-storms that were associated with Lorena.


Snowstorm in Arizona February 2019

The snowstorm in February 2019

  • October 2018 - was a hailstorm that brought surprising hail to my area
  • February 22, 2019 - a surprise storm that brought snow to my area (I played with the snow btw). Brought about 2 in of snow.


Main article: Usercane Sandy
Jose 2017-09-07 1645Z 
Category 2 usercane (NUC)
As ofApril 25, 2020
LocationWestern tropical Atlantic
Intensity105 mph, 967 mbar
MovementNE at 5 mpd

On January 16, a tropical wave originated off Africa and onto warm waters. Abruptly, it rapidly organized starting on January 20 and on January 24, it strengthened into Tropical Userpression Four. A couple days later, it intensified into a tropical userstorm, and was named Sandy. During the months of February and March, it entered an area of low to moderate wind shear, causing the system to slowly intensify. The userstorm then entered an area of low to no wind shear and warmer waters in late May and early June, which contributed to the strengthening of the storm. It finally intensified into a severe tropical userstorm on June 11, the third one of the season. It strengthened gradually over time, further becoming a Category 1 usercane on September 14, the second one of the season. Sandy intensified into a Category 2 usercane on January 26, 2020.

Current storm information

As of April 25, 2020, Usercane Sandy is located in the Western Tropical Atlantic. Maximum 1-minute sustained winds are at 105 mph (165 km/h). The minimum central barometric pressure is 967 mbar (hPa) and the system is moving northwest at 4 miles per day.


Chris 2018-07-10 1815Z Sandy156 is a rollback of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki, which means they are like a Category 2 hurricane.
14 This user is fourteen years old.
247k This user made the 247,000 edit on this wiki.
North Atlantic Basin Sandy156 likes the Atlantic basin best.
Elsa bias This user has a name bias against Elsa. He also hates that name because of the movie Frozen and wonders why they’d picked that name to replace Erika instead of another E name.
Genevieve 2014-08-08 VIIRS This user also has a name bias for Genevieve. He loves that name since Genevieve of 2014 was his first ever hurricane he had ever tracked and his most favorite hurricane of 2014.
Sam bias This user also has a name bias for Sam. He has a best friend in real life named Sam.

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