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  • I live in the Divided States of America, namely the state where you can experience all 4 seasons in a day.
  • My occupation is Camp Counselor and DQ Manager, aspiring teacher.
  • I am an artificial redhead who is NOT female

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Hello, <insert name here>! Welcome to the userpage of Sassmaster15... nah, just kidding! I'm not going to bore you with that all too typical and bland excuse for an introduction. I'm from northeast Ohio (GO CAVS!!!!), and attend Kent State University. Most people call me Sass, though you can call me Sassmaster, Sassi, Sassu - basically anything you want, except late for dinner ;)

I'm a former Bureaucrat, so that means I was once on top. I never looked down....that is, till I stepped down. However, as of November 2019, I have returned to the administration as a chat moderator. I got my start on the wiki in late 2015. Some of my interests lie in the fields of tropical meteorology (particularly the Atlantic), severe weather, Pokémon, education (especially language arts and literacy), roller coasters, the great state of Ohio, music (any genre/artist), books, creative writing, architecture and interior design, the environment and conservation, and the supernatural (demons, especially). I'm pretty open about my life and love telling stories and hearing about other peoples' experiences. I am a diehard Apple fan and am the proud owner of a variety of Apple products, including a 13" MacBook Pro with TouchStrip and an iPhone 11 Pro. I am a liberal, and do not get along well with Republicans. I like to debate, and will engage with you on a wide variety of subjects.

I will occasionally hang around here, but you can always find me on Discord. I administrate/lead several servers, including Tropical Trackers, Tropical Industries, Meteorology and More, Storm Central, and various other personal and wiki-based servers. You can DM me for an invite to TT, where I am bound to be the most active. I am an Administrator on the Tales of Fairy Tale wiki and a moderator on the Kingdom Hearts 3D:DDD wiki. I also rarely edit on Wikipedia as Vedanara2. You can check out some additional stuff below, including a link to a page containing almost all my articles completed on the wiki (finished and unfinished).

Also, if you finished reading this whole thing, kudos!

Please note: If you would like to collaborate on a season, please leave a message on my wall. I'm always happy to work with others! :)

My HHW History

I joined in December 2015 after this wiki came up in the results to my Google inquiry - "Forecasts for the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season". At first, I was very unfamiliar with the wiki, though extremely nice users such as Hypercane and Bobnekaro helped me out. I was a very active user from the start, constantly making new articles. On January 14, 2016, I was granted Chat Moderator rights. Only four days subsequent to the aforementioned promotion, I earned rollback rights. In early February, I was given Junior Administrator rights. On February 26, I was promoted to Administrator. Several months later, on April 21, I was promoted to Bureaucrat - the ultimate status a user on this wiki may earn. While I stepped down in early September, I eventually came back and regained my Bureaucrat rights. I left in March 2017 and came back for a second time in late 2018.

Friends List

Feel free to add yourself to show our friendship (totally not stolen from SM), and write a little blurb, too!

  • Dane - Not gonna be arrogant, but we're cool and that's enough to put myself on here (written by him, not me lol).
  • Bob - Helped me get started here, and has taught me so much about tropical meteorology. He seems to be a lot of people's favorite bureaucrat, and I don't blame them. He has mentored many people in a variety of different ways. HHW is lucky to have him.
  • Hypercane - HHW would probably be dead or overrun with underage users if it weren't for him. The prime example that wisdom comes with experience. He's the closest bond I've made since joining the wiki, and we will always have each other's backs. Plus, how could I turn away a fellow Ohioan?
  • Bricky - Idolized me from the start. We share a lot in common, and have very similar personalities (very temperamental lol). He is one of my best friends to this day, and is someone I like to reflect on my HHW past with.
  • Gied - We've known each other for less than a year, and met on the now-defunct Hurricane Chasers discord. However, he is very funny and another user that I adore. He also officially declared me his "bestie" and uses me to write his storm descriptions, so it's a bit of a symbiotic relationship.
  • Akio - Another user I like a lot. He's one of the most kind-hearted, genuine people on the site, even though he has since left the wiki.
  • Farm - Another user who took an immediate liking to me. He's very nice, and goes to the ends of the Earth to help me out with things, which I appreciate.
  • SM - Haven't had the greatest of relations with him, but not everyone is meant to get along. He's efficient as an administrative member, and will always be direct and honest with you.
  • Ryne - Another user that adores me for some reason. He's been very generous to me the entire time he's known me, invited me to hang out on his own wiki, and made me countless gift seasons. For that I couldn't be more grateful.
  • Keranique - She's cool, albeit a little strange (but aren't we all?). Has her funny moments.
  • Lucarius - I've worked with him on Hurricane Chasers, Unbound Reality, and Tropical Trackers. He is a genuine asset to my administrative team, and we share similar tastes in music. Genuinely nice and friendly, someone I enjoy conversing with.
  • Jd - User I knew back in 2016. He's a rollback on wikipedia, which is pretty cool, and very intelligent. He was always fun to talk to.
  • Steve - Another veteran user of the wiki, very friendly, and we share a lot of similar interests.
  • Cooper - Haven't interacted with him much, but he seems genuine and pure.
  • Harvey - Interesting fella. Don't talk with him much directly, but he served as moderator on my server and is a legend for his memes. Decently nice. :)
  • Garfield - We're cool with each other. I enjoy talking to him, even though he used to get on my nerves early in his HHW career, we've since patched over our differences and now have a trouble-free friendship. Share similar interests.
  • Roy - He's vocal and opinionated, like me. I like that he's unafraid to speak his mind, and admire his confidence. Another person I enjoy conversing with frequently.
  • Gary - He's nice and occasionally funny. I don't interact with him much, but he is a good person to get to know!
  • Flasty - I know many have a negative opinion of him, but he seems nice. Just appears to have really bad luck.
  • Douglas - User I have known for a long time. He's among the most random people I've ever met, but is one of the nicest people ever and never seems down.
  • Caleb - He seems to have a hard life, which I can relate to. He's so nice, and we also have similar tastes in music (we're both members of the Ari Squad).
  • MH - Used to not like him, but as I reflect on that time, I realized I was just being petty. He's actually pretty cool.
  • Collin - I mean, I think we good. right?
  • FCX - (insert something here)
  • Kiko - Former underage user which has come back to HHW. Can be annoying at times though, but overall, pretty cool. (also why the hell am I trying to write from Sass's perspective.. lol)

Please note, if I forgot you, it's nothing personal, I just have a lot of friends lol! Go ahead and add yourself if you don't see your name!

I survived...

  • Remnants of Hurricane Isidore (2002) - Was too young to remember back then, but, according to family, brought intermittent squalls and rain.
  • Extratropical Storm Isabel (2003) - Also too young to remember; very heavy rain and strong thunderstorms reported.
  • Remnants of Hurricane Frances (2004) - Still kinda young; brought torrential rain and flash flooding to areas south of me.
  • Remnants of Hurricane Ivan (2004) - Torrential rain, flash flooding, and tornadoes relentlessly assaulted northeast Ohio. The severe weather results in tornado warnings being issued for my area, though nothing serious happens.
  • Remnants of Tropical Storm Matthew (2004) - Light effects; some moderate rain - nothing more.
  • Remnants of Hurricane Katrina (2005) - Even in death this storm was bad. I remember this one well. Severe thunderstorms complete with black skies, Katrina gave us at least 3 inches of rain and winds strong enough to uproot our neighbor's 100 year-old maple tree.
  • Remnants of Hurricane Ernesto (2006) - Even though they hit PA, Ernesto brought thunderstorms to us.
  • Remnants of Tropical Storm Fay (2006) - Heavy rain and gusty winds - reminiscent of a typical summer thunderstorm.
  • Extratropical Storm Ike (2008) - Very, very bad. Remember this one clearly. Extreme winds and no rain. Violently tore limbs off the trees in my backyard, caused power to fluctuate all night, and heard transformer explosions at the end of our street. So much tree damage observed the next day while heading to school.
  • Remnants of Tropical Storm Lee (2011) - Some heavy rain, persistent thunderstorms, and tornadoes around my area. Nothing too spectacular.
  • Extratropical Storm Sandy (2012) - Hit us for three days straight. First night was the worst - strong winds (gusting to hurricane-force) cut our power for 1.5 days and canceled school for 3. No rain, just very strong wind. Knocked down trees in and around my neighborhood, a downed power line caused my neighbor's garage to catch fire, and the entire city was shut down - the only time it had to be shut down due to weather in my lifetime.
  • Remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy (2017) - I was in North Carolina when this happened, but it hit me.
  • Remnants of Hurricane Harvey (2017) - Very weak. Just some overnight rain showers.
  • Remnants of Hurricane Irma (2017) - Very strong and powerful. I was volunteering for my former middle school's 6th grade camp during that time, and it hit us at camp. Strong winds and heavy rain overnight - downed tree branches and flooded many walking paths by morning.
  • Remnants of Hurricane Nate (2017) - Early morning strike. Weak, just steady drizzle turning to rain by mid-morning.
  • Tropical Depression Alberto - Moved over Indiana, but its outer bands were embedded with severe thunderstorms and torrential rain. Bad weather for nearly 2 days straight.
  • Remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon (2018) - My first TC strike at college! Lasted a whole weekend; turned from a steady drizzle to a heavy thunderstorm with strong wind gusts. Flash flood warnings issued for nearly all of the Akron area.
  • Remnants of Hurricane Florence (2018) - 2nd TC strike at college! Lots of additional rain and strong winds, but nothing nearly as bad as Gordon.
  • Remnants of Hurricane Barry (2019) - A DUD. Barry was basically cloud cover, and rain light enough to not even wet the ground.


For a complete list of all my articles, please go here.

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