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  • I was born on November 26
  • The job I do for life is be a walrus
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  • Bio I thirst for quality education. A cookie connoisseur and part-time avid chef.
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Hello there, I'm StrawberryMaster, a bureaucrat and administrator of this wiki. Thank you for taking a moment to look at my profile! This isn't really a fancy intro, so feel free to scroll around.

I am the creator of foodcanes! Some foodcane seasons I made include the 2007, 2016 and 2018 foodcane seasons, which you can always check out by clicking the links above. If you want to see a full list of my articles and images I uploaded, you can click here. I am also on Wikipedia as StrawberryMaster, where I occasionally edit.

I'm usually active around Wikia/FANDOM and you can always leave me a message here, as I may be able to help you with CSS, JavaScript or random problems. Around Ledblue

I'm from Brazil! BRT (UTC−8); 10:35, January 23, 2020 (Thursday).

Attribution for this userpage layout goes to Fandyllic.

StrawberryMaster, in addition to performing Administrator duties, helps with the day-to-day administration of the wiki by establishing the site's rules and managing user rights. Please send them a message or consult the administration page if you need their help.

Friend list

This is a list of my friends on the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. I will not personally add anyone because I know I would leave out someone whom I consider my friend. I love each and every one of you users, so if you want to show your friendship, please add yourself below.

  • Symbol conditional support Bob - One of the first people I met on the wiki and he has made many great contributions here, including the creation of the NUC. Additionally, he knows a lot about weather in general and has a fine December bias!
  • Symbol conditional support Hype - A longtime contributor of the wiki, and a veteran of the community who has been wiki leader for several years. He's one of my friends here and is known for his unrealistic seasons!
  • Symbol conditional support Keranique - One of my best friends here. She's an amazing, entertaining user, and was once a bureaucrat! Also a good season maker. Sadly inactive.
  • Symbol conditional support Akio - Also one of my best friends here, and a pretty good person as well. He was once a bureaucrat, but nowadays he loves cookies and despises beetroots. Go Cookie Army!
  • Symbol conditional support Odile - One of the first users I met, and a really cool dude. I especially enjoy reading his Minecraft seasons. The meme king!
  • Symbol conditional support Dane - A former bureaucrat here, he was one of my best friends when I joined the wiki. These days, he's known for his love for snow days!
  • Symbol conditional support Ryne - A longtime editor of the wiki who always wanted to surprise everyone with gift storms and seasons. He's a really nice user, and a wonderful person to talk to. Sadly inactive.
  • Symbol conditional support Jack - The creator of blanketcanes! A former junior admin, he's a really funny and unpredictable user. Sadly inactive.
  • Symbol conditional support MH - A fantastic bureaucrat. He's a really cool dude who is very entertaining to talk to and is also one of the most popular contributors here!
  • Symbol conditional support Aaron - A former rollback of the wiki who still regularly edits on Wikipedia. He has some weather knowledge and is a great guy.
  • Symbol conditional support Garfield - One of my best friends in the wiki, a great season maker and a really awesome dude. Also an avid gamer and a good Minecraft player!
  • Symbol conditional support Brick - Wonderful former administrator who makes great seasons and is always funny in chat.
  • Symbol conditional support Collin - Another amusing user who really made interesting sockpuppets. A really nice user and a great former bureaucrat!
  • Symbol conditional support HH - The ultimate :P king, who overuses "sad" these days". Overall, a nice user!
  • Symbol conditional support Steve - The Brett Favre of HHW! Makes really interesting seasons and is known for retiring and un-retiring all the time. Sadly retired.
  • Symbol conditional support Anthony - A former bureaucrat who makes really detailed descriptions and is known for unintentionally crashing the wiki activity!
  • Symbol conditional support Azure - A really nice and genuinely funny user. Always makes me laugh with his forum posts. Sadly inactive.
  • Symbol conditional support Derp - Another user who gets triggered at everything! Sadly retired.
  • Symbol conditional support Minecraft - A polite and friendly user.
  • Symbol conditional support Puffle - A nice and funny user, although quite persistent. Sadly inactive.
  • Symbol conditional support Gary - Another nice user and former admin who likes to say random things on chat. :P
  • Symbol conditional support Nuno - Very funny user (and wishcaster) thinks every blob on planet Earth (especially in the South Atlantic) is a hurricane! Sadly blocked.
  • Symbol conditional support Cardozo - One user I met here back in 2015. Very nice and welcoming!
  • Symbol conditional support Douglas - A random user who is pretty weird sometimes, but he is very nice!
  • Symbol conditional support Austin - Another nice guy I met here in 2015. Sadly inactive.
  • Symbol conditional support Orlando - A former admin! We here on HHW love his drone. Sadly inactive.
  • Symbol conditional support Chap - A great user who is obsessed with Homestuck. In addition, a brilliant administrator.
  • Symbol conditional support Cooper - A kind administrator who is nice to everyone and has a strange bias against the name Oscar (who is the best name, totally). :P
  • Symbol conditional support Farm - Someone who makes lovely seasons and is a Layten clone. A great administrator!
  • Symbol conditional support Tiger - A random, funny user who does a lovely impersonation of Cane Harvey, thus why he is a Harvey clone himself. Sadly inactive.
  • Symbol conditional support Prism - The random words king! Sadly blocked.
  • Symbol conditional support Roy - An eccentric administrator! A fine one as well.
  • Symbol conditional support Blue - A user who loves maps, Hawkeye, and weather! Pretty much a Mario clone. Sadly retired.
  • Symbol conditional support Cube - A random, avid hurricane fan who apparently is part of my secret fan club (which I never knew it existed)!
  • Symbol conditional support Lucarius - Another infamous silly junior administrator with his classic name biases.
  • Symbol conditional support Harvey - A lovely user who is nice on chat and is also Doug's #1 fanboy. A notable user with a love for HHW memes.
  • Symbol conditional support Giedrius - The ultimate communist spreader and lover of commieblocks. :P
  • Symbol conditional support Theggus - The infamous creator of the Theggus tracks! Also a unique former chat moderator who loves workouts. Sadly blocked.
  • Symbol conditional support Sandy - A really nice new user who loves overusing "sad"!
  • Symbol conditional support Monsoon - A great user and HH clone who loves programming his silly simulator and making hypo chats! Also the biggest overuser of "sad". :P
  • Symbol conditional support FCX - A fine user who is surprisingly not a Jd clone!
  • Symbol conditional support Dez - A previously banned (underage) user who has joined back to the wiki and regained his TS status. Probably a Chap clone and shares my interest of rigged elections!
  • Symbol conditional support Andrew - He's a good friend who doesn't talk much on discussion, but makes a lot of edits (not too much though LOL).
  • Add yourself, if you want!


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