aka Thofeeque Nihas, TPE

  • I live in Kerala, India
  • I was born on November 10
  • My occupation is YouTuber, Student, Tropical Cyclone Tracker
  • I am Male

The official userpage of the YouTube channel, ThePhoneExpert. Hello there, <insert name here>! My name is ThePhoneExpert and I'm from India, the land of sadness!!1 (god, why)

You can call me TPE too! It's what everyone calls me. Like everybody here, I'm interested in tracking storms. Mostly I do videos on YouTube, but I also edit here. I'm the only user on HHW with the Titillium Fonted name, made by StrawberryMaster on March 16, 2019. Thanks to him for a wonderful gift! I'm a user here since 2018 (although I did take a break in mid-2019). My articles are sad, featuring lovely storms that often does nothing but become a C5 or a total bust (And they're sad too). My next big project is the 2020 Pacific Typhoon Season, my first ever WPAC based article, while my video project is the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Animation.

I'm also the creator of Talking storms. Subscribe if you haven't already, my channel is literally my HHW nickname with over 1000 Subscribers. You can find me in YouTube as I said above, and also in the HHW Discord Server, @ThePhoneExpert#4353. 

Making the HHW North Indian Ocean seasons great again since 2018! 

2020 Predictions: 18 Depressions, 17 Named Storms, 11 Hurricanes, 6 Major Hurricanes (and a Category 5!). What are your predictions? You can check out my Prediction at this page, the 2020 ATL season by ThePhoneExpert.


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Ockhi was a C3n't Ockhi This user agreed that Ockhi was a C3 and will forever be a C3 no matter what, but lost in 2019. sad!
Gabrielle 2019-09-08 1635Z ThePhoneExpert is a regular user of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki, which means that they are like a tropical storm.
15 ThePhoneExpert is 15 years old and will turn 16 next year.
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NIOHD ThePhoneExpert likes the North Indian Ocean basin best.
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Memes This user spread fulani herdsman, but also spawned the most used HHW meme of 2019. danke
æ why are you reading this, what am I doing with my life
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Best of TPE


  • Symbol support vote very strong Hypercane - Current owner of the wikia. Very funny and respective and helpful sometimes.
  • Symbol support vote very strong StrawberryMaster - He's very normal and is also funny too! He also helped me add an orange tinge to my name and a custom font too, and knows jokes; silly old hag who likes cookies
  • Symbol support vote very strong KingLucarius - Respectful, sometimes helps me when I'm in distress
  • Symbol support vote very strong Roy25 - Funny, and also helps me
  • Symbol support vote very strong Gary - Master of the typos, but sadly inactive
  • Symbol support vote very strong Sandy - A fan of my videos, and pretty much leading in edits this year.
  • Symbol support vote very strong Farm - On his way to most edits. Can be funny sometimes and is quite friendly
  • Symbol support vote very strong Nathan Foy - Owner of ForceThirteen, my first ever discord message was sent to him.
  • Symbol support vote very strong HH - Very funny in the chat, and has said sad a record 16000 times.
  • Symbol support vote very strong Tuba - He creates sad memes!
  • Symbol support vote very strong Giedrius - Commieblock who is pretty much great at making descriptions and ships, and an Undertale fan!
  • Symbol support vote very strong Douglas - Sim master, who creates awesome sims using Military Images
  • Symbol support vote very strong Chris - A cool friend of mine, he's an admin in one of my servers and loves to use kek and sad, also a typomaster. He loves the name "Ellen" and is a fan of Ariana Grande.
  • Symbol support vote very strong FCX - My YouTube brother! Like me, he is also a YouTuber making videos like mine (not copying, kids!) but nonetheless can be very funny and helpful in chat.
  • Symbol support vote very strong Sassy- The biggest return of 2019 in HHW; a great chat mod and the leader of Tropical Trackers. Savage yet nice and calm, and master of sarcasm. (jk)
  • You can add yourself if you want to :)

Storms/Disasters that I've went through

  • Cyclone Ockhi, First ever TC I tracked and the one that brought me into the interest of Tropical Cyclones.
  • 2018 Kerala Floods, I will never forget this, no supplies, less food, and even worse, no running water for a month. Although I escaped from getting submerged, the other effects were severe. 483 died, the worst disaster ever in my state; surprised that I lived to witness this.
  • Cyclone Gaja, the first ever Tropical Storm to hit me. a lovely birthday storm
  • ROUND 2 of Kerala Floods (2019)

All time favorites

  • Cyclone Gonu, my favorite
  • Cyclone Ockhi
  • Hurricane Wilma
  • Hurricane Patricia
  • Typhoon Wutip
  • Typhoon Yutu
  • Typhoon Haiyan
  • Typhoon Tip
  • Hurricane Andrew
  • Hurricane Lane (2018)
  • Hurricane Michael
  • Cyclone Mekunu
  • my own cyclones owo
  • Cyclone Kyarr
  • Typhoon Hagibis
  • Hurricane Dorian
  • Hurricane Lorenzo
  • Typhoon Halong
  • ..and the list continues to grow.
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