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  • I was born on March 16
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Hi! My name is Michael, otherwise known as theweatherman561. I'm from central CA, and take a keen interest in meteorology, including tropical cyclones. I enjoy writing about hurricanes, but can't always be active on this site, as I have real life stuff I am involved in. So if I haven't been on for a week or so, that's just me working on other things (eh ehm, marching band, which takes up 90% of my free time :/).

I plan on studying metrology in college and working for the NWS, either as a general forecaster at one of the 122 WFOs, or as a forecaster at the NHC.

About Me

Age - 16

Birthday - March 2003

Birthplace - Scottsbluff, Nebraska (I now reside in CenCal)

Favorite Hurricane: Sounds a bit dark at the moment, but naturally, Hurricane Michael of 2018. Before that, it would've been Hurricane Michael from 2012 (I remember being so excited to see my name on a hurricane, especially a Cat. 3).

Most Memorable Storm IRL: March 18th, 2012 - A moderate thunderstorm with heavy pea sized hail hits my house. To this day, it is my only experience with real life hail (other than one time this last summer, in the Sierra Nevadas). This is probably really pathetic compared to midwesterners or folks from the southeast, but that is the climate of the San Joaquin Valley!

Favorite Common Weather Event: Tule fog. Look it up. It's nice.

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