Hello, it's HHJ.

I wanted to write this post to claer something up, I'm a graphic designer/animator. I've always had an interest in that for a while. I thought to make some users happy, I could animate storms for them in a style  inspired by Force Thirteen's animations.

I recently made a little animation test of a Hurricane, you can watch it below, the animation is of Bobnekaro's Hurricane Oscar. Go give him some support and check out the original page here!

Hurricane Oscar (HHW Animation Test)

Hurricane Oscar (HHW Animation Test)

I will be making more of these types of animations in the future. If you'd like me to animate a storm or season in the near future, just message me! (just dont expect your request to be done immediatley, these take time to do.)

Hope you guys like these animations i make, they're easy to make and i'm proud of them. Talk to y'all later.

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