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"Jose And Maria? Joseph and Mary?."


Disclaimer: This Is Unrelated to my What-Might-Have-Been 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season .

How it could happen

For that to happen, jose has to survive It least to September 24 and Maria keeping cat 5 intensity and the jet stream to wait Until September 28.

The Fujiwarra

Jose survives as around catgory 1 intensity. It would give showers over the northeast at the edge. Meanwhile Hurricane maria would roughly take the same path as actual maria And Kepping catgory 5 intensity until the 23rd. The two storms would start to orbit around each other On the 25th with Jose slamming into New Jersey As a Tropical storm or catgory 1 hurricane and Maria slamming into cape cod Massachusetts As a catgory 3 or 4 hurricane. Hurricane maria would finally absorb tropical depression Jose by September 27th then pulled out by the jet stream on the 28th. The interaction would be like Typhoon pat and tropical storm Ruth in the 1994 pacific Typhoon season.

Typhoon Pat (1994) HD

Typhoon Pat (1994) HD

Typhoon Pat and Ruth interacting. An example of a fujiwarra effect


Earlier model pridictions

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